War of Dragnorox: A Dynamic Warfare MMO Reveals Trailer and Creative Director Sneak Peek

Dragnorox War is an upcoming Dynamic Warfare MMO developed by Oregon-based developer Triune Studios. Triune plans to provide features like raids, dungeons, and special events that will be controlled by live dungeon masters – and more.

Dragnorox War is a passion project conceived by Creative Director Josh Caba and the team of 7 at Triune Studios. In development since 2016, Caba has built Dragnorox War with principles that many old school MMORPG players are familiar with. The game’s story and lore is set in the world of Morgath, where the evil Dragnorox introduced magic many years ago as a means of enslaving all who inhabit the land. Players will need to defeat the Dragnorox spawn, work with other players (and sometimes against them in PvP), and protect the world from new threats as they emerge.

Triune wants players to earn every triumph and reward. This means there will be no loot boxes, in-game microtransactions, or pay-to-win mechanics of any kind. All a player will get is something they received in-game by killing monsters, crafting items, or other in-game only ways.

We have a very strict policy against microtransactions due to our passion and funding. This game is not about money. It’s about the passion for the genre and if someone gets a sweet flaming sword in the game you’ll know they got it from a dragon and not from their wallet.

– Josh Caba, Creative Director, Dragnorox War

Dragnorox War intends to release in September 2023 and has a comprehensive feature set including:

  • 19 end-game raids at launch
  • Over 30 areas to explore
  • 7 courses to choose from
  • Class customization through crafting, skills, and loot
  • Real dungeon masters to organize and control content
  • First and third person views with a minimalist user interface
  • An ever-changing world

The game looks very ambitious, and ambitious projects can often be expensive. Dragnorox War was thankfully privately funded by a single person whose passion grew out of games like EverQuest and World of Warcraft Vanilla. According to Caba, the funding was a blessing for the team, so they could make the game as part of their vision without having to worry about the ongoing funding issues that often arise when making an MMO. .

Triune Studios’ persistence has paid off as the game has made substantial progress, with plans to move into testing soon. Triune expects a full beta to be around a year away. And while the game still has a bit of a way to go, the world and many integral systems are taking shape.

We are approaching the tests. I guess in about a year to a year and a half we’ll go into full beta. We’re about 85% complete with world building, we need to wrap up a few more systems and rework combat a bit more, then we’ll be ready for tweaking and testing.

– Josh Caba, Creative Director, War of Dragnorox

Dragnorox War plans to be free to download, with no box fees, and is set to release on Steam. The game is reserved for PC players, with no intention of a console or mobile version. Those who were looking for a game with an emphasis on many classic MMORPG features that we rarely if ever see these days, you might find a home in Dragnorox War.