VR MMO Zenith: The Last City Holding Second Beta in January, Cover Revealed

ByJose A. York

Dec 31, 2021

With the first beta test for Zenith: the last city behind us, the RamenVR team announced the dates for the game’s second test, which will take place in January.

The second test period will run from January 13 to 17, and if you were able to get a key for the first test in December, it will also work for the second test. The second beta test doesn’t have a “no streaming” tag on the announcement, so it looks like we might see some players sharing their experiences when the new beta opens.

RamenVR has said it is aiming for a final release in early 2022, but no date has yet been announced. With the second beta fast approaching, it seems likely we’ll get a launch date sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, there have been new reveals to continue to take us on what to expect.

A recent reveal is the art of the final release, complete with one of the songs from the soundtrack. The song, titled “Not Afraid”, is by Jordan Chin. The beta and preparation for the new year also brought several new previews for Zenith. These include concept art from the beta and a new preview where we get a glimpse of the desert and oasis from the vantage point sliding through the ruins. With the next beta event coming up and streaming and sharing seeming to be lifted, we should get more views on what the experience looks like very soon.

Because Zenith: the last city is a VR MMORPG, watching a stream is going to be a different experience, but the team has done a good job so far with previews to give an idea of ​​what the visual experience might be like. It seems made for anyone who’s ever played an MMO and wants to be able to tour the world.

Beta keys were distributed via social media. Learn more about Zenith: the last city.