VR MMO Zenith Secures $10M Funding, Team Grows

ByJose A. York

Sep 28, 2021

Upcoming VR massively multiplayer online (MMO) game Zenith: The Last City just got a big funding boost.

Developer Ramen VR announced this week that it has raised $10 million in a Series A round, which it will put toward expanding its team and developing the upcoming experience. The round was led by Makers Fund, Anthos Capital and Dune Ventures. This follows the developer’s 2019 Kickstarter campaign for the game, which raised $280,075. It is also associated with a funding partnership from Facebook.

As a result, the developer is launching a recruiting campaign with new ads on its website.

We’ve had our eye on Zenith for a long time. The game promises a fantastic fantasy world with hand-to-hand combat and sorcery, where you can meet friends and go on adventures. VR MMOs are an incredibly promising prospect and we’ve yet to see one really deliver at scale. We are crossing our fingers that Zenith delivers.

So far, the game has run two alpha testing phases, which it says have seen users spend an average of two hours per day.

The game still doesn’t have a release date, but is slated to launch on Quest, PSVR, and PC VR with full cross-play support. The press release also mentions Sony’s upcoming PS5 VR headset as a reason to consider the future, but doesn’t specifically confirm compatibility yet. However, beta testing is planned before an official release.