Trove, the free-to-play voxel world-building MMO, is now available on Nintendo Switch

ByJose A. York

Jun 23, 2021

The gamigo group and Trion Worlds have announced that the free-to-play voxel action MMO treasure is available now at nintendo switch. According to gamigo, the game has attracted 28 million players across PC, PlayStation and Xbox since its initial launch six years ago. So you should hopefully have no trouble finding other people to play with. treasure involves adventure, world-building, and action combat with 16 playable classes (soon to be 17 with Bard, which is already available on PC).

Like Minecraft, this game encourages players’ creativity in creating their own dungeons, but it also encourages crafting your own weapons and items, among other things. Players can even submit their creations to the development team for inclusion in the full game, and so far over 5,000 of these creations have been added to the game. RP for treasure on Switch adds: “Whether you just want to enter and explore the vast varieties of surface levels of the countless game worlds, or dive deep into dark dungeons, fight enemies, craft or just have a good time with your friends, treasurehas something for everyone.

Yes Minecraft doesn’t offer enough action for you, maybe MMO treasure will be on Nintendo Switch. Although, Minecraft I suddenly understood that sonic the hedgehog Downloadable content…

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