Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands character designer would be perfect for a Borderlands MMO

ByJose A. York

Apr 2, 2022

Despite being released less than a week ago, The wonders of Tiny Tina has already proven to be a very worthy spiritual successor to Borderlands 3 due to an even more chaotic gameplay flow that combines firearms with spellcasting and melee attacks. While a wacky combat system has always been a defining feature of Borderlands Games, The wonders of Tiny Tina also builds on other core elements of the series, including how much freedom players have when choosing their class. In reality, Borderlands games usually have a selection of characters to choose from, known as Vault Hunters, each with their own skill trees and specializations.


The wonders of Tiny Tina changes this by allowing players to choose one starting class out of six before later choosing a second class out of the remaining five, effectively having two fully functional classes at once, limited only by the number of skill points available at max level current. Another fantastic change that The wonders of Tiny Tina brings is that players are no longer relegated to customizing existing characters with collectible cosmetics, as they can instead create their own hero. This happens thanks to the game’s very well-constructed character creator, which makes The wonders of Tiny Tina more of an RPG than any other Borderlands game has been so far.

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Why Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Character Designer Is So Good

Tiny Tina's Wonderland Character Creation

While the character customization process of the past Borderlands the games were still enjoyable to some degree, with multiple skins, heads, and colors available to change the look of his Vault Hunter, the characters still didn’t necessarily resemble the players. Indeed, these were pre-made sets of characters with their own personalities and backgrounds, which often came into play in terms of in-game abilities as well. As such, being able to create a brand new unique character in The wonders of Tiny Tinaby giving them backstory and attributes, makes the experience more immersive.

The wonders of Tiny Tina‘ is one of the most advanced character creators in the industry right now, as it offers all sorts of customization options. Players can choose body type, pronouns, voice, overall height, hairstyle, skin color, facial features, decorations, armor, etc. of their character. This expanded degree of freedom allows players to create all sorts of characters, with many fans of other franchises adding established characters to Tiny Tina’s board game. Not only that, however, but players can also customize their characters beyond the creation process via collectibles like in the Borderlands Games.

The fact that the character creator in The wonders of Tiny Tina allows customization of most parts of the face, as well as the ability for players to turn off the symmetrical look for most of them, makes the process much deeper than many other games. Gearbox’s attention to detail is also evident in the fact that the male and female body types are referred to as “That One” and “This One”, respectively, which further demonstrates that the gender of the character is not not the main concern. With The wonders of Tiny Tina Being a fantasy RPG, players also have options for non-human skin colors and facial features, which is great.

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How a Borderlands MMO Could Benefit from Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Character Creation

Tinas Wonderlands playable characters

Because the customization process is so diverse and detailed, this can be used by Gearbox as a springboard for future releases, and especially for a hypothetical Borderlands MMOs. Although there is no official confirmation of a Borderlands With the MMO being in the works or even conceived as a possibility, this would make a lot of sense given the course of events in the mainline series, which now explores the past of the universe and the eldritch beings within it. Borderlands 3 put a lot of emphasis on the Destroyer of Borderlands 1 and the figure of the Creator, its antithesis, making the first an endless destruction and the second an unbound creation.

Borderlands 3 also introduced a new Guardian left behind by the Eridians to protect the planet Nekrotafeyo, who players end up clashing with in the Director’s Cut DLC. This Guardian is the Seer, which refers to BorderlandsMermaids as Chaos incarnate because of how they can rip causality and the timeline of events. This may be related to Borderlands: The Pre-Sequelthe impending war of, which was foretold by another Guardian: the Watcher. These are likely connected in the lore of the series in a way that makes this full-scale conflict one that could be the perfect premise for a Borderlands MMOs.

With this in mind, if a Borderlands The MMO will never be created, it would most certainly allow players to create their own characters instead of choosing from pre-made Vault Hunters. In this case, using a character creation process very similar to that of The wonders of Tiny Tina would make sense. Not only that, but it is also possible that The wonders of Tiny Tina is a stepping stone in that direction, as Gearbox has made it the most RPG game in the franchise.

Moreover, although The wonders of Tiny Tina is not directly related to the events of Borderlands 3, seeing how it goes in the past before Tina grew up, it has its ties. One of the most relevant is that of Izzy, a character that players meet on their journey, which seems to be related to Borderlands 3it’s Mancubus. Another game may be needed to fully expand the Borderlands universe before an MMO became a possibility, but a character designer like that of The wonders of Tiny Tina would be a perfect fit for the future of the series.

The wonders of Tiny Tina is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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