This MMO with the amazing character creator is free right now

ByJose A. York

Apr 8, 2022

All I really know about Black Desert Online is that it has an amazing character creator, and that’s why I immediately demanded a free copy when I heard the creators were giving it away right now. moment. I have since read that the fantasy MMORPG is also quite a fun game? But in all honesty, I mostly download it to make pretty/weird/monstrous wizards.

First of all, the character creator is enough feature for Korean YouTube to have an ongoing series giving character makeovers. Observe the many tweaks that revamp this boy:

He’s a really good character builder. It has the same face adjustment settings as many other games you’ll have played, all lots of sliders, colors, options and such, but understand this: the end result may actually look good, rather than inspiring some sort of of terror of the Uncanny Valley. And these sliders and bits are very good, even providing options to rearrange a predefined hairstyle by dragging the locks.

A more typical Black Desert character.

Or if you can’t care to faff, the creator has a button to browse a gallery of characters created by other players. With a single click, you can load their appearance and are generally free to modify them yourself. While there’s a pretty set aesthetic for the most popular skins, lots of porcelain dolls pouting, sometimes you’ll inexplicably stumble upon a character like her ↑ above to remind you that oh my god, yes you can also create monstrous characters.

Our Graham also had fun with horrors in beta.

Oh right, and there’s also a game attached to this character creator? Our Black Desert Online review in 2016 called it “a truly memorable MMORPG”, and it’s grown a lot since then. The final word from us is that this is one of the best MMORPGs to date.

You have until Wednesday the 13th to claim a free copy of the base game for Keepies. Grab it either from the in-game store or on Steam. It usually only costs £9, but free is free. All this to celebrate the launch of a new extension.