The Daily Grimmer: When has the MMO had the most productive laughs at least twice?

ByJose A. York

Jul 24, 2022

So I’m going to be completely honest when I make fun of an MMO. Especially when I started looking for the first of many additional house quests in World of Warcraft. At the edge of Searing Gorge was a house with a quest marker asking you to keep some things in mind and bring some Silk Cloth to that person. The game would decide it was the funniest thing ever and overcrowd the game with quests with each subsequent expansion to its detriment. But just because a joke becomes less funny and repeated doesn’t mean the first time wasn’t funny. I laughed and I remember that moment.

If you have a particular mindset, you may find that playing games can make you laugh involuntarily. Of particular interest, bad writing (looking at you, Prince Rurik) can usually make you laugh. Sometimes there’s just a weird glitch that everyone finds funny, or there’s a written quest to be funny and real. I don’t want to know what time you were laughing at the game, but with him. What time has an MMO made you laugh at least semi-intentionally, laughing not because something was horribly wrong, but just funny?

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