The 5 best free MMO games to play in 2022

While massively multiplayer online (MMO) games have often been umbilically tied to subscription models and microtransactions, incurring huge fees even for casual gamers, over the past decade they have tended to play free.

That’s great news for gamers in 2022, because it means we’re all getting hundreds of hours of online exploration, socializing, and fun without having to spend a dime.

Here are some of our favorite MMOs that you can start playing today, completely free.

Before we name our favorite titles, it’s worth appreciating that if you start one of these MMOs today, chances are you’ll feel pretty far behind the crowd.

With most MMO titles having a long shelf life, all of the titles we’ll mention have dedicated communities that have put countless hours into the titles. Seeing a lot of people already at the top of the game.

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Whether you’re an ex-2000s MMO player or just someone new to the genre, chances are you’ve heard of guild wars. Lorded for its strong development team focused on building an inclusive and community-driven ecosystem.

Guild Wars 2 is a natural evolution of earlier MMO formats, popularized by games like World of Warcraftrefining the formula of active gameplay and doubling down on the MASSIVE inherent in the MMO genre by staging battles and raids with the participation of hundreds of active players.

Plus, with 5 races and plenty of classes, Guild Wars 2 gives you the ability to really find both a playstyle that suits you and, perhaps more importantly, an aesthetic that you love.

The Elder Scrolls series needs no introduction. If you haven’t heard of Skyrimit’s fair to say that you’re probably not a gamer.

The Elder Scrolls Online takes the series’ formula and pushes it into the MMO setting. Although originally subscription-based where you could have gotten it for a cheaper price through game deals, the game went free soon after release. A decision that helped grow the player base and attract many new accounts.

It should be noted that ESO is much more MMO than it is Skyrim, at least as far as gameplay is concerned. A fact that may leave some players simply wanting”skyrim online“feeling a little roughed up by. But once that hurdle is cleared, it’s easy to fall in love with ESO. Especially since it has one of the most dynamic and well-acted narratives in the entire MMO space.

Speaking of MMO “space”, EVE online is a mythical title that has perhaps become the Sci-fi MMO.

While not for the faint of heart, EVE has maintained one of the game’s most dedicated fanbases for nearly 20 years. During this period, the game has seen drastic improvements and expansions.

In EVE, players can participate in a variety of profession-specific activities, from mining and crafting to trading and exploring, what we’re all here for, piracy and battle in the world. deep space.

While EVE can get complex very quickly, especially for casual gamers, the game is a must-play for sci-fi fanatics looking to immerse themselves in perhaps the most comprehensive space exploration game ever. created.

If you love science fiction, but aren’t into the existential terror of deep space, Warframe may be for you. Different from most other games on this list in its approach, Warframe is a third-person RPG shooter with a bustling ecosystem of players. But despite its high player count, you’ll find yourself playing in smaller lobbies against a beefy AI.

Although often seen as grumpy, it’s hard to avoid the pleasure of WarframeFluid and fast-paced combat that’s easy to learn but hard to master. One fact turned out to be eleven given the variety of characters (or “frames”), each with their own unique playstyle.

Warframe is available on all major platforms. Totally free to play.

The youngest game on this list (by far) Genshin Impact exploded onto the gaming scene in 2020. Blending an anime style and fantastical combat system with a healthy dose of influence from everyone’s favorite game—breath of the wild.

Coupled with the fact that Genshin Impact was free to play from day one, this made the game an instant hit. And thanks to constant updates, the introduction of new characters, areas, and more, it hasn’t lost its charm nearly two years later.

As Warframe, Genshin ImpactOnline connectivity is more restricted. Allowing joyous co-op on a smaller scale than truly explosive MMOs like guild wars. Nonetheless, the game’s lovely mix of single-player and MMO components make it a must-play. Especially when you don’t need to spend a penny to try.

Oh, and did I mention this one is on Android and iOS, alongside PC, PlayStation 4/5 and even Nintendo Switch!