Starfield MMO Rumor Explained

ByJose A. York

May 1, 2022

Xbox and Bethesda recently announced a joint showcase for this summer, where the two companies will show off future games as well as new additions for Game Pass. Fans can mark their calendars for the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase as Sunday, June 12 at 10:00 a.m. PT / 12:00 p.m. CT. Now the companies haven’t mentioned what would be there, but it’s almost certain star field will be there.

star field releases in November, and yet so little is known about the game. Almost all the hype comes from the fact that this is the first new Bethesda IP in decades. Fans will just have to wait to find out more, but a new rumor has recently gained traction that there’s more than one. star field project under construction. Some believe that a star field MMO is also in the works.


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Of course, as with all rumors, fans should take this with a big grain of salt. It makes a lot of sense on the one hand, but nothing is confirmed on the other. Not to mention, if these rumors are even remotely true, it will likely be years before anything is confirmed. It makes no sense, for example, to release star field this holiday season and an MMO for it in the spring of 2023.

Starfield MMO could be in development

As seen above, YouTuber Skullzi has gathered information that all suggests a new game is in development, but just because there’s potential evidence doesn’t mean there’s concrete evidence. The biggest proof comes in the form of job postings, hinting that Bethesda Austin, Bethesda Montreal, and Zenimax Online Studios are all working on a new game.

The language involved in the first two cites an unannounced project (post-Elder Scrolls/Starfield ads), while the latter mentions a new IP. It also mentions vehicles, which would add up with the current star field leaks. A former Bethesda employee recently leaked some star field details, and they mention being able to fly spacecraft. Connecting the two is not a huge stretch.

Technically speaking, star field is a new IP and so the job posting doesn’t negate that theory. He hasn’t even come out yet. The theory is that AT LEAST these three studios are collectively working on a game. elderscrolls online, supporting MMOs is a huge strain on resources. Two of them would make an already difficult development cycle even worse, so it adds up. Some of these job postings have been modified or removed, for potentially various reasons


In addition to this, Austin is responsible for Fallout 76. It’s not exactly an MMO, but this online experience would go a long way in creating a star field MMO a reality. Globally. it makes more sense that these studios are working on an unannounced project based on a new IP than they are all working on new games. They could be separated, but that would be more unusual than multiple developers working together on a big future project – the standalone star field MMOs.

Added to this is Bethesda’s move towards multiplayer projects on its IPs. Ancient Scrolls has ESO, To fall has Fallout 76and therefore a multiplayer project for star field also fits into current Bethesda models. This would go a long way, speculatively, to maintaining the popularity of IP, given a Starfield 2 is probably far, far away.

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Starfield MMO set before main game?

Again, all of the above is just speculation and rumor based on a few jobs and models from Bethesda. The stars seem to be aligning for a lot of it, but a word from Bethesda might make that all moot. So while it’s fun to think about for some, it’s by no means confirmed and fans will just have to wait and see what this new project (or new projects) is all about.

Yet further into the realm of speculation, Skullzi highlights something that he thinks could be the backdrop for the star field MMOs. This should be taken with an even bigger grain of salt than the information above, but it looks incredibly appealing and would make a lot of sense. Bethesda discussed an event that takes place 20 years before star field, known as the Colonial Wars. Having a huge war between two major factions would create many ways for players to interact, engage and play in an MMO.

If anything, this sounds a lot like World of Warcraft factions and might even have playable races split between the two. Aliens are likely to appear in the base game, but star field is not likely to feature playable alien races for several reasons. If these aliens prove popular, it gives another unique advantage to creating an MMO in Colony Wars.

It may be years before anything more, if anything at all, is learned about a star field MMO, but it certainly looks appealing.

star field releases November 11 on PC and Xbox Series X.

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