Source Claims Mandalorian MMO Is In The Works By Zenimax Online

ByJose A. York

Apr 27, 2022

Earlier today, a Twitter user SkullziTV posted what he heard from an anonymous source at Bethesda, noting that full development of The Elder Scrolls VI is in its early stages. But surprisingly, viewers were shocked to see that a Mandalorian MMO could be in the works by The Elder Scrolls Online developer Zenimax Online.

SkullziTV confirmed in its post that fans should take the news “with a grain of salt”, and it has not been “personally verified”. Despite this concern, fans couldn’t help but speculate on how the Mandalorian MMO might play out. One Reddit user described that he would be interested in the game if it covered “the Mandalorians reclaiming Mandalorian space one world at a time”, delving deep into the lore surrounding them. Another is thrilled to hear the rumour, stating that “a new Star Wars MMO would be great, especially if it comes to console.”

Most viewers follow the same pattern of excitement and speculation, but it’s pretty fair to believe that Zenimax Online will lead the project. The Mandalorian show is a Space Western that needs a large world and an in-depth story to make it work. TESO is known for having a certain level of deep storytelling when it comes to questing and I could easily see a multi-weapon swinging bounty hunter character judging by TESO’s current skill tree. They have all the elements needed to make a solid MMO, but player expectations of tons of planets to explore and space piloting could be a big feat to pull off.

Much of this translates to The Elder Scrolls VI, with the anonymous source stating that the game will be set in Hammerfell and have a politics system. Apparently, the game is set for a target release date of 2025-26 and is in its very early stages of development.

If you want to review all the details, you can read SkullziTV’s post to learn more.

Anthony Jones

Anthony Jones, news editor
Anthony Jones is a video game journalist and late 90s kid who loves retro games and the evolution of modern gaming. He started at Mega Visions as a reporter covering the latest announcements, rumors, and fan-made projects. FFXIV has its heart in the MMORPG scene, but it’s still happy to analyze and waste hours in ambitious and ambiguous MMOs that players follow.

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