Soul Kingdoms – Upcoming Fantasy ‘MMO-Lite’ Reveals First Class: The Ember Priest

ByJose A. York

Sep 26, 2021

realms of souls is a fantastic new “MMO-Lite” game focused on “MMO-PvPers” which is currently in production by indie developer Power Proc Studios. The studio worked on securing funding through investors and publishers, but ultimately decided to self-publish the game.

Power Proc Studios is a small team of four who worked on a PvP-centric MMO, which recently narrowed its scope in an effort to better focus its capabilities on a smaller scale so it could achieve its vision. In an Official Discord post earlier this month, Power Proc Studios founder Chris ‘Tophernicus’ Mhley posted information related to their current funding status and why their hesitation to start crowdfunding.

Once the decision was made to self-publish, the team realized that even with a bit of crowdfunding, the original plan to realms of souls was too ambitious, and instead the team decided to pull their campaign and re-evaluate what they could possibly accomplish. For this reason, the crowdfunding campaign is now scheduled for the end of October and will take place directly on the Soul Kingdoms website. Here is an excerpt from the announcement of realms of souls Discord:

“We made the difficult decision to narrow the scope of the project and build something we can confidently deliver. Our initial goal was to create a match-based experience with rich RPG features that simulate MMO travel. We wanted players to have the feel of organic global PvP encounters along with the convenience and on-demand nature of match-based games. We were trying to serve what we consider to be a hugely underserved audience: “MMO PvPers”.

As PvPer enthusiasts ourselves who grew up playing MMOs, we’ve long felt that there really isn’t a game we can call home. There aren’t many options that offer MMO-themed PvP at your fingertips. We’re changing the focus of Soul Kingdoms to really focus on that. Our goal is to deliver a game where you can get fun and exciting MMO-style PvP combat from the moment you fire up the game. A game that gives you, the player, an experience without all the hassle, grinding, and matting. endless rolling. Hop on board and enjoy non-stop PvP battles at your leisure.

-Tophernicus, Soul Kingdoms Discord

Power Proc Studios plans to break its development and funding down into smaller “steps” so players can see progress as it happens. realms of souls scales and funds the game as the team reaches these milestones. With renewed focus on their end goal, earlier this week the realms of souls The website has been updated with new information, including the reveal of their first class, Priest Ember. In the class reveal, Priest Ember is described as a healer who can also provide damage support. They are undoubtedly an integral part of their team, but lack mobility and crowd control.

Since realms of souls is mainly a PvP game, the main page is mainly for MMO-PvP players, with a strict focus on action combat and battlegrounds without forgetting the feeling of player progression. Currently, Power Proc Studios is working on a visual and combat overhaul, and they intend to provide more information before and during their crowdfunding campaign.