Sandbox MMO BitCraft Begins Pre-Alpha Testing, With New Invitations Set To Release In Waves

ByJose A. York

Nov 17, 2021

BitCraftPre-alpha testing of has begun. This is the first chance players have to get a taste of the mechanics and world of BitCraft, and should last for several months. Clockwork Labs will start small and continue to send invitations in waves as they make changes based on test data.

It is still possible to register for the pre-alpha tests if you wish to participate in the development of the MMO sandbox. The developers say their goal is to get a small group of players to give them their first impressions and feedback, but plan to expand on that over time as they get the necessary data. They want to know how the game mechanics work with live players and in a controlled environment.

Because that’s pre-alpha, that’s the stage where things can get early and pretty messy, but that’s where the testers come in, of course. Start small and give feedback and there should be some big changes in the future. The little pre-alpha will be under NDA but they promise more open alpha periods later.

As a sandbox MMO set in a massive world that anyone can leave their mark on and permanently change, BitCraft emphasizes social aspects and player decisions, so these early groups of testers have the potential to have quite a significant impact. The game will allow you to explore, craft, trade, learn to farm, and level up. However, you will also have decisions to make regarding your role in the world. With permanent change always a factor, social and strategic decisions that will make the world what it is, with city building and even empire building possible.

To learn more about the game or if you want to sign up for the pre-alpha, you can visit BitCraft.