Reckoning makes the world of Pandora an MMO in 2022

Disney has teamed up with Archosaur Games, Tencent, and Lightstorm Entertainment to create Avatar: Reckoning, a mobile MMO in 2022.

Disney has partnered with Archosaur Games, Tencent, and Lightstorm Entertainment to Avatar: Grateful, a new mobile MMO slated for release at an unspecified date this year. This counts as one of the two Avatar games currently in development, the other being that of Massive Entertainment Avatar: Pandora’s Frontiers. The first-person action-adventure title of The division studio has been in development for a while, but publisher Ubisoft first showed off the project at E3 2021.

Based on the universe established in James Cameron Avataroriginally released in theaters in December 2009, Pandora’s Borders will offer a distinct standalone experience from its big-screen counterpart. Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment have, thus far, kept more than a few cards close to their chests about the title; however, players can expect an open-world experience based on the Snowdrop engine. The companies previously confirmed plans to skip releases on PS4 and Xbox One as well, which means Pandora’s Borders launches exclusively on PC and next-gen consoles. When the open-world adventure will finally hit stores remains a mystery. Again, Avatar devotees can embark on another project on Pandora before the end of the year.


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Today, January 13, Disney announced Avatar: Grateful, a mobile MMORPG created in collaboration with Archosaur Games, Tencent and Lightstorm Entertainment. Designed on Unreal Engine 4 for Android and iOS, Avatar: Grateful will allow users to create their own avatars and adventure through “unreleased parts of Pandora.” The game itself will feature three game modes – single player, cooperative and PvP – all of which take into account the broader facets of the MMO. On the one hand, players will come into contact with new Na’vi clans defending their Additionally, RDA forces attempting to exploit the moon’s resources are expected to pose a fairly formidable threat. Avatar: Grateful are also brought to meet “spectacular alien creatures“, teased the companies in a press release. The MMO does not currently have a firm expiry date, but developer Archosaur Games and global publisher Level Infinite plan to launch Account by the end of 2022.

avatar math key art

Outside of the key art featured above, audiences are left in the dark in terms of Avatar: The Countdown visuals. In truth Avatar fashion, however, the Pandora rendered by Archosaur Games will likely be appealing to the eye, thanks to the franchise’s stunning use of color.

Since three more Avatar With movies slated to hit theaters in the coming years, one of which arrives in December, reason suggests other game adaptations will see the light of day as well. Ubisoft’s success Pandora’s Borders could, however, prove to be a decisive factor in this respect.

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Avatar: Grateful is coming to Android and iOS mobile devices on an unspecified date in 2022.

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