Popular browser-based sci-fi MMO OGame is coming soon to mobile devices

ByJose A. York

Apr 26, 2022

Gameforge has announced that OGame, the space-themed MMO that took players on an intergalactic journey in 2002, is coming to mobile later this year. Along with this also comes the massive Lifeforms update, introducing new species, new buildings, new resources and more.

OGame has over 100 million registered players worldwide, with users starting from a small colony and ending up thriving on an uninhabited planet by researching new technologies and building massive fleets.

OGame is celebrating 20 years since its release in October, and what better way to mark the occasion than with brand new content and a brand new platform for players to enjoy?says Hannes Anders, Chief Technology Officer. “Internally, there is a lot of excitement around this anniversary, as OGame is Gameforge’s first in-house developed game. I’m especially proud to have been directly involved in the development process of OGame for mobile and the new Lifeforms update, and I look forward to sharing the game with all space and space fans. ‘exploration. As a team, we are committed to delivering quality content and updates to the millions of fans of this game, and all of our other established legacy titles, and excited to be able to share these two great updates this year..”

In the Lifeforms update, players can expect to experience four species – Humans, Rock’tal, Mechas, and Kaelesh – with different specializations, along with 48 new buildings, 72 new species technologies, and two new resources. If you want to know more, you can visit the official OGame website or join the community of followers on Facebook to stay informed of the latest developments.

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