Pokemon-Like MMO Temtem Confirms Release Date

ByJose A. York

May 24, 2022

Pokemon is one of the greatest franchises of all time, but Nintendo and Game Freak hardly have a monopoly on monster collecting. In addition to former franchise rivals, Pokemon GO developer Niantic is branching out with its next game Peridot. Meanwhile, small studio Crema is well on its way to launching its Pokemon– MMO inspired Temtem for PC, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X/S.

The developers have released a new trailer for Temtem May 24. Along with showing off some of its features and gameplay, the trailer announces the game’s next release date of September 6th.


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Crema describes Temtem as “a massively multiplayer creature-collecting adventure”. The game takes place in the Airborne Archipelago, where every child dreams of being a Temtem tamer. Players can explore all six flying islands to collect the titular Temtem and fight to become the world’s greatest tamer. In truth PokemonIn fashion, this involves traveling from region to region, challenging the game’s equivalent of gym leaders while fending off attacks from the local criminal syndicate. Temtem’s the versions take the form of eight Dojo bosses and the villainous Clan Belsoto, though the influences are quite apparent.

Temtem’s The new trailer shows clips of different locations and Temtem, as well as the social aspects of the game. Each island is unique and Temtem’s the developers show off various biomes during the short trailer. These include dusty deserts, snowy wildernesses, futuristic cities, tropical beaches, orange grasslands, and volcanic waste. It depicts groups of players socializing, exploring the world, and taking part in turn-based creature battles. The trailer also shows players climbing cliffs, swinging through holes with grappling hooks, and driving a variety of vehicles and mounts. However, turn-based Temtem battles are the main focus of the game, though the trailer didn’t show more than a few seconds of each fight.

battles in Temtem see each player select the eight Temtem they wish to bring. Players then take turns disqualifying each other’s creatures until both players form a team of five. The game also features co-op battles where players can team up to take on tougher opponents. Matches then play out the same as other turn-based matches Pokemon clones.

The trailer description also included a few other details that might not have been apparent in the video itself. These included the ability for players to purchase a house in-game and customize it with furniture and paint. Players can do the same with characters, dressing them in colorful outfits. The developers also promise substantial post-launch support to bring new quests, cosmetics, Temtem, and other content.

Players can pre-order Temtem from Steam, the Humble Store, and the Xbox and PlayStation stores. Those who don’t want to wait can also jump into the early access version on PC and PlayStation 5. Unfortunately, the developer has confirmed that Temtem does not come to PS4 or Xbox One.

Temtem launching September 6, 2022 on PC, PS5, Switch and Xbox Series X/S.

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