Outer Ring MMO unveils five tech demos ahead of its IDO in March 2022

ByJose A. York

Feb 11, 2022

Outer Ring, an exciting and promising MMO, is eager to present its tech demo to the world. Players can access the game and its technology before the next Outer Ring IoT, scheduled for early March 2022.

The Outer Ring team is pleased to showcase their technology through a series of five tech demos this week. Each demo will have a different theme to allow players to explore the many game modes found in the Outer Ring metaverse.

The launch of the tech demo marks a crucial milestone for the highly anticipated Outer Ring MMO. Although a tech demo is neither a beta demo nor an alpha demo, the prototype gives players a good idea of ​​what to expect from the game. It’s not a full build, but it does show the potential applications of Outer Ring and highlights the many possibilities available to us. Additionally, a tech demo showcases the game’s performance and visuals, two crucial aspects of any game offering on the market today.

Interested users can download the various demos from the Outer Ring Discord server. All links will remain accessible until February 6, after which they will be removed from the Discord server again. However, players can continue playing the tech demo for as long as they want once they have downloaded the software to their computer. The tech demos have been downloaded over 1,700 times so far, confirming the strong interest in the Outer Ring MMO.

For those who miss these downloads, there will be future Outer Ring MMO demos.

The launch of these demos confirms the team’s confidence in their project. Moreover, it shows how much work has been done behind the scenes before the token sale, as the developers are committed to providing an engaging user experience.

Outer Ring uses a freemium model with a dual token structure. Exocredits connect the game to the world of cryptocurrency, while Galactic Quadrants facilitate interaction. Both currencies can be earned through trading, crafting, completing in-game objectives, and selling items. Additionally, the freemium model allows players to access the game without paying any fees.

The Outer Ring team has secured almost $6 million in investments from various partners, including DEXTools, Leit Motiv, Yellow Blocks, Metabrands and others. Additionally, the team has many high-profile partnerships to grow its in-game stores, decentralized trading opportunities, in-game advertising spaces, merchandising, and more.

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