One Piece would make a great MMO

ByJose A. York

Apr 26, 2022

The MMO genre has a lot to offer fans, and games like this require several things to run. These factors range from simple game mechanics to world building, but they all add to the experience. The best MMOs like World of Warcraft find a way to combine it all into one stellar experience. For new projects, creating MMO worlds from scratch is a daunting undertaking, but an existing property, namely A playalready has everything it takes to make a fantastic MMO.

A play is arguably one of the most popular Shonen anime in recent memory. The story focuses on Monkey D. Luffy and his journey to becoming the Pirate King. This quest has him battling other pirates, the navy, and even stalwarts of the world itself. However, an MMO wouldn’t need to focus on Luffy. Instead, it’s the world of A play that a developer could adapt into an MMO.

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One of the most important things in an MMO is that there is an actual conflict or reason for the player to fight against certain groups. This involves giving the player a faction and a sense of belonging, which is especially important for the long game and gives the player a reason to continue after completing any existing storylines. A good example of this is, again, World of Warcraft. The Horde and Alliance give players a reason to fight and sustain the post-game. A play has many factions that players could join. The player can choose to start the game as a marine working to protect the innocent, or perhaps join one of the pirate warlords or just go it alone.

However, being part of a faction or crew is nothing if the combat isn’t entertaining, and that’s where many new MMOs have a problem. The issue often arises from a balancing perspective, with many classes being considerably more powerful than others. However, A play has already addressed these issues in the manga and anime and created a reasonable scaling for potential classes. For example, Devil Fruit users may seem to have the initial advantage, but classes like Swordsmen and Marksmen have many ways to close the gap. These can range from ammo varieties to flying slash attacks to more chaotic Devil Fruit user powers.

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The world players inhabit is almost as important to an MMO as the combat. If it’s not worth exploring, players won’t engage. The world of A play contains a lot of things for players to see and do, and it’s not just ship-based. A playThe world of is built around islands, some small and some considerably larger. Each of these islands is its own self-contained ecosystem, some being arid deserts while others are rain-soaked jungles. This adds a huge amount of variety for players and keeps everything in the universe so original fans feel like their favorite Shonen is well represented. The oceans themselves provide players with an interesting way to explore the world and also add an element of threat, with sea monsters and storms to keep travel interesting.

This leads to one of the most interesting possibilities for a A play MMO: the ship. Ships are arguably as much a character in the series as the actual crew, and one of the most important aspects for any pirate or sailor. Players could create their own ships and customize them to suit their aesthetic. Alternatively, Crews could have a shipbuilder class that can build and repair ships and use them to transport their ships around the world. This customization would be something that many MMOs lack and would allow players to feel invested in the world. It would also allow for ship-to-ship combat and give players a new avenue to explore should they find PVP becoming stale.

A play is a franchise that has worked in many game genres, and it seems to excel in many of them. The world of anime-based games has always struggled to adapt to new genres, and it’s great to see them branching out. MMOs are the next logical step in this process and A play has so many factors that already make a great MMO. Hopefully a developer will take the time to see the potential the series has to offer.