New World Review – A Fun But Unpolished MMO

ByJose A. York

Oct 5, 2021

NOTOh that New world has been out for a few days, much of what bothered it in the beta has been ironed out, leaving a flawed but fun MMORPG that doesn’t have many new ideas, but still manages to keep it fun with fast and fair progression enough variety to keep you interested. While he successfully appealed to a wider audience than most of his contemporaries, he also missed a few opportunities to leverage that broad appeal for something particularly noteworthy.

Keep in mind that just because most of the major bugs seem to have been quickly fixed based on player feedback doesn’t mean the game is what I would call particularly polished. Some weird audio glitches and server-side issues persist, causing load times and general progress to hang. Amazon Game Studios still has some work to do on this, but luckily they seem very aware of this and are constantly looking after the game. most of the time, New world is quite pleasant. Satisfying action-based combat with a good variety of weapons goes a long way to making fairly repetitive mission objectives fun, even if they’re totally uninspired on paper. Great axes, swords and shields, bows, warhammers, magic staves and more, the game is full of weapon types that you’ve probably seen many times in similar games, but they’re fun to use, ride level and experiment with their variations. as you fight your way through the game’s many enemy types.

“While New world successfully catering to a wider audience than most of his contemporaries, he also missed a few opportunities to capitalize on this broad appeal for something particularly noteworthy.”

Much like the rapid progression that lets you quickly get to grips with the many facets of the game, you’ll also see plenty of enemy types just hours into the game, which isn’t particularly common in the genre, and this looks like a good approach that should do New world more welcoming than many of its counterparts. Whether this translates to longer legs for the game is something we won’t know until later, but for now it seems to be working with reasonably populated worlds and an ever-improving consensus on the game as Amazon deploys various fixes and improvements. .

Compared to the average AAA action RPG, New world doesn’t look like much by 2021 standards, but compared to the average MMO I’d say it looks pretty good, which is another element that makes the game stand out a bit in its genre . A wide variety of scenery, vegetation, enemies and locations can be found in each of The new World… worlds. As day turns to night, grass blows in the wind, and bodies of water sparkle based on the amount of light present, you’ll quickly fall in love with the art direction despite the presence of a moderate amount general details. Being able to select a set of worlds based on the level of population it contains is also a nice metric to use as it can make getting started less daunting for newcomers to the genre – although I wasn’t a big fan of it being attached to any character you created.

Speaking of character creation, the choices are a little limited, but what’s here looks good and everything seems to cater to enough styles that most can find their ideal character from the options available. Once you get your bearings, the standard quest types and somewhat superficial characters will quickly become apparent. Regardless of how little context surrounds them, almost all quests are basically about going to places, killing things, and looting them. Luckily, this is often offset by the highly accessible gameplay and exploration that stays fun for longer than you think.

“Compared to the average AAA action RPG, New world doesn’t look like much by 2021 standards, but compared to the average MMO, I’d say it looks pretty good.”

fight in New world is simple to understand and not much harder to master. As I mentioned earlier, there’s pretty much nothing you haven’t seen before with cooldowns to manage and different levels of each weapon becoming available at a fairly steady rate. Heavy weapons aren’t that slow and light weapons aren’t that weak, so the game is pretty flexible with you no matter what you like to use. Each weapon type has its own skill tree that you will quickly earn unlock points for as you use them. For those looking for more uniqueness or complexity, New world It might not be for you, but it’s always nice to see so much stuff coming together in a relatively short playtime. While the slots for your handful of auxiliary abilities open up a little slower than the rate at which you acquire items to put in them, it also gives you more time to familiarize yourself with enemies and hone your own combat skills. .

You’ll earn skill points and unlock more moves at a steady rate, so for those who find the slow rise of most MMOs a deterrent, this might be just what the doctor ordered. That said, for most ardent MMO gamers, there’s not much gameplay here that makes this game particularly recommendable, other than it’s just another competent entry to the genre. . That said, it’s worth mentioning that microtransactions seem entirely limited to skins, cosmetic items, and emotes. So that bodes well for the game and should allay fears that the game is letting people pay to win – at least for now.

Music and sound in New world are largely mundane but usable. Admittedly, the quality of the sound design isn’t quite what most MMO fans are looking for, and what’s here is adequate, but a soundtrack that cranked it up a bit could have done a lot more for the construction of the game world. But as it is, it’s not bad. The music doesn’t really change much either – it doesn’t matter what you’re fighting or who you’re talking to, which again might not be a big deal for most MMO fans, but it’s something that I noticed and felt like a missed opportunity most of the time. the weather.

New world_04

New world has a solid combat system, plenty to do, and just enough storyline to get you started.”

All things considered, the amount of content here is probably worth the $40 price tag for most MMO players – especially those who are more focused on quantity than quality anyway. Earning in-game currency, chests, and other items as rewards for various quests in each area is a fun task, and even more fun with friends – that’s undeniable. Grouping up against bigger enemies with other players and trading with others in the game’s many settlements is fun and addictive given the wide range of rewards to be earned from both. of the new world The apparent approach of making a game that can smoothly transition a wider, less hardcore audience into its world pays off handsomely with a very welcoming MMO that puts you on the fast track to familiarity in a way that most similar games do not.

That may pay the price later with hardcore gamers looking for more complex and unusual experiences elsewhere, but that could be largely mitigated depending on how the developers handle it. As it stands, I’d like the game to do a little more to stand out in its genre besides being a little more accessible, and your mileage on how that affects your experience will vary widely depending on what you like out of your MMORPGs. I also would have liked to see a little more polish at launch, however normalized these kinds of buggy games were at launch. That said, New world has a solid combat system, plenty to do, and just enough intrigue to get you started.

This game has been tested on PC.