New Cutting-Edge MMO RPG Mummy.oi Built on UE5 Signals Game Industry Evolution to Win

ByJose A. York

Jun 13, 2022

Since the revelation of Gamefi, many projects have emerged with enticing whitepapers with flattering promises. But what happens, in the end, is that instead of players playing to win as most of them promise, they are forced to pay to play without any real rewards of value, while some only give some in-game assets that are basically worthless in the real world.

A Gamefi should, more than just provide a way to win, also provide an enjoyable gaming experience for players, and this is one of the areas where most projects have failed.

Delivering a state-of-the-art gaming experience

The Gamefi Play2Earn template must be able to offer interesting features to the players. This is exactly what, a decentralized gaming model based on ancient Egyptian mythology, promises all of its players. Moreover, the MMO RPG game built on UE5 cues features amazing backstory, characters, and gameplay that promise to keep gamers blown away. Also, unlike most Gamefi play-to-earn games, Mummy is free to play, as the main goal is to create fun and thrills for players, and to spark social interaction and friendship, while providing a way to earn.

Additionally, this model is determined to stand out in what has recently become a crowded GameFi space by creating and delivering exceptional gaming experiences with a thriving gaming and earning ecosystem, all powered by the state-of-the-art Unreal Engine. 5.

Mummy.oi strives to build a strong community while providing a safe metaverse and an inclusive environment for all, with plenty of opportunities to socialize and form true friendships among the dunes and forgotten cities of ancient worlds. As a result, players can band together to brave dungeons, join guilds, customize their hideouts, invite their friends, or socialize in hubs.

The fast-paced combat system keeps players in a state of fluidity while improving their combat skills by hitting, blocking, and parrying.

Lee, the CEO of Mummy, said the reason the game model was designed to support the “play and win” model is that players can naturally earn rewards by immersing themselves in the world of Mummy. . According to him, “The play-and element is just a bonus to our game, although it’s a fantastic bonus in my opinion, and we’re really committed to making a fantastic game as well.”

Unique earning potential

While exploring the world of Mummy, players can earn gold and NFTs with an in-game utility, which enriches the gaming experience and can then be sold and traded on the Mummy Marketplace. NFTs and in-game items can be consumables that provide players with various abilities, armor, artwork for customizing hideout, jewelry, accessories, or special abilities for pets, among others.

NFT Primordial Gods Collection

The Mummy game obviously has countless ways to excite its players. Primordial NFTs collectibles, 3D items with varying levels of rarity that grant owners membership in the Founders Pyramid, an awesome structure in the Mummy Metaverse that combines fun, old world aesthetics and contemporary design approaches.

Notable Partnerships and Future Expectations has formed very strategic partnerships with major players in the industry to bring this game-changing dream to life. Among its most notable partnerships are those with major NFT lending dApp, TribeOne, cutting-edge game design software Machinations, and popular blockchains, BSC Chains and Polygon.

The team announced that preparation for the launch of the playable game demo is at its best and will be available in Q3 exclusively for the Mummy community.

According to the announcement, the team is currently focused on delivering an exceptional Chapter 1 for the demo. Players are immersed in this strange world where chaos reigns supreme; they must complete tasks, interact with NPCs, defeat certain creatures, and then face a memorable boss. This first demo will also be regularly updated in the coming months with new characters to choose from, new environments to explore (mountains, abandoned desert settlements, swamps), lore, and NPC interactions. Finally, the Pre-Alpha will be released at the end of the year.