MMO The Day Before delayed until 2023 and switched to Unreal Engine 5

ByJose A. York

May 5, 2022

Delays have been a constant presence in the gaming industry for 2 years now. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, developers have found it even harder to do consistent work on a regular schedule. This has caused problems for many studios in the past with poor management. Clearly, the bad crisis period for Cyberpunk 2077 brought much-needed attention to the practice that so many video game publishers rely on. While some studios refuse to back down and have maintained a stance of releasing a game when it’s finished, many have to contend with harsh realities. This is the case of the next MMO survival game, The day before. Announced in January 2021, the title has attracted the interest of many survival game enthusiasts who enjoy the shared world aspect. The title has received a lot of praise and attention for its progress. IGN announced the news of The Day Before facing a 10-month delay as they transitioned development to Unreal Engine 5.

The day before

What is the new release date for the day before after the delay

While the news is dire for many fans of the game, the news of a new engine is certainly interesting. The scope and scale of Unreal Engine 5 can really do The day before in a single game. A recovery experience, unlike other survival games in the past, commands attention. With the studio suffering a massive backlog, the upgrades might just be worth it. The new release date is set for March 1, 2023, almost 10 months behind today. The massive enterprise in this period of development is. However, this should eventually help smooth out the finer points of development. Explaining its duty to deliver, developer FNTASTIC wants to create an experience worth waiting for.

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