MMO games in 2022: are they worth your time?

ByJose A. York

Apr 7, 2022

By: Marius IIgauskas

The game is fun and enjoyed by people of all ages and races around the world. With an increase in video game releases over the past two years, MMO games have gained popularity around the world. What are MMO games? MMO stands for massively multiplayer online games. These are online games that connect users around the world with many players in a single game.

Five classic MMO games worth playing in 2022

With that said, here are the five outstanding MMO games that are still worth playing in 2022. The games are undoubtedly exquisite and will excite you as they have amazing storylines and graphics.

World of Warcraft

World of War, abbreviated as WoW, is an MMO game developed by Blizzard and released in 2004. Despite its age, it still ranks at the top and is even better thanks to numerous updates. The game is free to download but requires a subscription once you reach level 20. Coupled with next-gen gameplay, it’s one of the best MMO games in 2022. The latest expansion sold over 3.7 million copiesshowing how popular this game is.

silk road online

Based on the historical aspect of the Silk Road in China, Silkroad Online is a fantastic MMO game produced by Joymax. It has amazing features and allows players to carefully rise above the ranks as they progress through the game. For example, after reaching level twenty, you can choose jobs and become a deceptive and profitable hunter or thief.

Other highlights include the ability to craft your items and get pets. In 2022, your Silkroad gaming experience can be enhanced by using Silkroad Online Proxywhere you can play the game with a lag-free connection, among many other benefits.


Our list includes Metin2, an MMO game originally developed by Ymir publishers and released in Korea in 2004. The game lets you engage with other players and involves battling monsters in different landscapes.

Metin2 can be a bit annoying when you are not allowed to access the game from certain regions. In such incidents, proxies for Metin2 become of great help. With these devices, you can choose an IP address from a location of your choice, giving you access to the game. Click here for more details on using proxies while playing on Metin2.

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New world

New World MMO is relatively new compared to the other games on our list, having been released in 2021 by Amazon Games Orange County. The game features a fictional island in the Atlantic Ocean with realistic themes.

As a player, you feel like an explorer out to explore the world while competing with the host. Additionally, the New World offers players strange continents full of dangerous enemies to explore and conquer, promising them glory and treasures.

Final Fantasy 14

Gamers who have tried Final Fantasy 14 will agree that the game has a very troublesome story. Final Fantasy 14 first launched in 2010, and it was a total flop due to the extent the developers went to take the game offline. This was one of the reasons he performed poorly.

As a result, this setback caused the enthusiastic developers to redesign the game again. In 2013, Final Fantasy 14 was launched againand this time, players could dominate the landscape with their favorite Final Fantasy 14 landscape. Since then, it has overtaken other MMO games, and it’s definitely worth playing in 2022.


It’s no secret that the world of MMOs has no shortage of games with releases from time to time. We think these are some of the best games you can play right now due to several metrics that make these rank higher than others in 2022. As a game lover, you are more than likely to like these games; so it’s worth putting them on your to-do list.

These games will allow you to interact with players from all over the world. Therefore, maintaining a sense of respect for other players is paramount. Avoiding foul language, even when wronged, is one of the highest forms of self-control. Therefore, be sure to promote a safe gaming environment by being polite and respectful. Good game !

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