Metaverse X | Delivering Unique Blockchain Functions on a Classic MMO-Based Metaverse

HO CHI MINH, VIETNAM / ACCESSWIRE / October 20, 2021 / With the recent exponential rise in popularity, Blockchain-based gaming projects have seen unprecedented growth and success. Notable projects such as Axie Infinity and CryptoBlades Kingdoms exploding to the fore and taking center stage prove that crypto-gaming or GameFi (as it is now coined) is the next big crypto craze! With the evolution of Blockchain technology, NFTs are quickly becoming key elements in many game genres by providing genuine utility and ownership to players that is sorely lacking in regular games. Combining NFTs with a sandbox-based MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game metaverse, takes a leap into the future of gaming and eliminates the restrictions and limitations of traditional gaming.


Metaverse X is the world’s first Sandbox MMO Metaverse game incorporating game-to-win mechanics and NFTs.

Raising $1.5 million in a first round of investment including over ten major international investment firms, this explosive cross-chain compatible Metaverse game launched on, one of the largest and most popular centralized cryptocurrencies in the world!

MetaX will have an initial circulating supply of 1,060,000 tokens and a maximum total supply of 20,000,000.

Built on the BSC network, Metaverse X will allow players to design and build their own properties, equipment and structures, as well as allowing in-game land ownership of islands, forests, houses, castles and various other land and real estate. Players can engage in God Mode by becoming engineers, architects, and builders, creating and owning their own piece of the Metaverse X universe.

Offering endless possibilities and incentives, players will be able to turn ALL their virtual asset creations into NFTs and sell them on the in-app marketplace and auction houses. The ability to sell and trade buildings, land and equipment to earn money will provide an innovative and unique user experience.

The Metaverse X project will appeal to an extremely diverse audience, encouraging users with eclectic tastes to participate. Creatives can focus on designing gear that other users can buy. Game enthusiasts can complete quests alone or team up with friends and battle in the PVP arena or participate in daily tasks. Players can even challenge various bosses to earn valuable treasures and items. Endless features providing hours of playable content and ways to enjoy this exciting new universe.

Metaverse X offers an immersive, technologically advanced experience along with the ability to deliver true ownership and earning capabilities. Many features that neither Minecraft nor Terraria offer.

With a Play To Earn mechanism, Metaverse X adds real earning potential to players and provides an advantage by removing traditional game limitations.

As mentioned above, the native token of Metaverse X is called MetaX. The token will be a true utility token supporting the gaming ecosystem. MetaX tokens can be staked to earn a percentage of platform revenue and most importantly the token will be deflationary, with regular token burns to ensure that the The supply decreases over time, a common practice, which ensures that the value of the token increases as the supply decreases. Benefiting players and investors as more tokens are purchased with revenue generated through gameplay.

The roadmap for Metaverse X will see the completion of project development by Q3 2022.

With a live Metaverse X virtual world beta currently live on

NFT Minting is imminent through a partnership with HOO Chain, an NFT marketplace that is hitting the first 1,000 Metaverse X NFTs for public sale through their platform.

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