Marvel MMO Canceled Images Reveal Factions and Customization

ByJose A. York

May 29, 2022

Footage has surfaced from the recently canceled Marvel MMO that details some of the gameplay features it would have included, such as factions.

New images of the canceled wonder MMOs reveal character customization and factions the player could have joined. This MMO was first announced in 2021, with Daybreak and EG7 working together on the project. Unfortunately, last week EG7 announced that the Marvel MMO had been canceled and Daybreak had ceased development.

The Marvel MMO was ultimately canceled due to the massive size of the project, the investment, and the time it would have taken to create and maintain it. Companies will instead focus on other projects. Although no gameplay was ever released, there had been concept art with designs for characters like Iron Man, Captain America, and Red Skull posted on Twitter. This hints that the game would have been filled with familiar Marvel characters, both on the hero and villain side.


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As revealed by Chronicle of video games, new screenshots of the canceled Marvel MMO have surfaced, revealing what the player character creation might have looked like. These images focus on what the game’s character customization screen would have looked like. Surrounding a depiction of a character created in-game are an array of factions the player could have chosen from. It is common for MMOs to have factions or sides that players can choose from; World of Warcraft celebrated the Alliance and Horde for players to choose from early on. In this MMO, players could have chosen to side with the Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, or SHIELD. The screenshots also show a Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse inspired art style, with bright colors and a highly stylized look that players can customize as they build their characters.

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The artistic direction paying homage to In the Spiderverse looks like a departure from the original concept art, which was less stylized and much more detailed. However, this would not have been an undesirable change, as the construction of a spider worms inspired character would certainly appeal to many Marvel fans. The film’s popularity has had a huge impact on Marvel’s art and storylines since its release, so it’s no surprise to see the influence carry over into their video games. The screenshot even shows comic-style bubbles and blocks, like in the Marvel comics and Spiderverse.

As mentioned earlier, no gameplay footage was ever released, but with these screenshots fans could start to imagine what it might have looked like. Whether it was for the Avengers or the Fantastic Four, players could have sided with their favorite wonder characters as their own hero alongside other players. Although the world may never experience it, perhaps fans can look forward to the other projects that EG7 and Daybreak will focus on instead.

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Source: Chronicle of video games


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