Martial arts MMO Justice Online aims for Western launch in Q4 2022

ByJose A. York

Jan 24, 2022

NetEase plans to release its martial arts MMORPG e-justice in several new regions in the fourth quarter of 2022. The game is based on traditional martial arts and Jianghu, the martial arts community, this time in an MMORPG space.

The game has already been released in China and received a substantial update in time for the Lunar New Year. The game features up to nine explorable regions with over 2,400 km2 of explorable distance on the map. The most recent update released several new mounts that will help players along this ride, including the ability to battle, tame, and ride new mounts, including a giant spider. In the meantime, the game is also updated and NetEase makes it playable through cloud-based games. This is available with the current release in China, but with a western release planned and multi-regional launch and localization, we should suspect that cloud-based games via the web will eventually arrive.

Developer NetEase is planning many big updates for the game, according to a press release announcing its Western and international launch plans later this year. This Q4 release will be the biggest update of all, but new content will continue to be added throughout the year. Once localization starts rolling in and a global release gets closer, we’ll be able to see how well the current updates will feature in the initial Western launch.

While some MMOs have tried martial arts combat or inspired settings in the past, e-justice tries to be more definitive in its inspirations and blend in with MMO mechanics and the explorable world as well as environments, customization and of course a story based on martial arts, love, passion and a rich tradition inspired and based on a famous martial art novel titled Four Famous Arrets – Justice Online.

For more, you can keep an eye on the NetEase website.