Mad World MMO gets new alpha preview showing new and updated systems, new monsters and more

ByJose A. York

Dec 13, 2021

There’s a new preview video for the upcoming Alpha 4.0 from Crazy world MMOs. Jandisoft has released what they’re calling a Renewal Trailer, which showcases new systems and updated details and graphics, including some new monsters you can expect when the testing period opens next week. .

Registration is still open for those interested in HTML5-based cross-platform play. The world is full of demons and may seem hopeless, but your journey has only just begun. Slay Lovecraftian-inspired monsters and survive the dangers of a post-apocalyptic world, uniting together or creating it on your own.

They also shared a recent update on what to expect in the updated alpha. The team has added a new trading system where players can trade and sell items, an adventure log that will serve as your adventure log, including story progression, monster encyclopedia , dungeons, items and more that you will fill as you go. . There are also daily quests for each village, weapon crafting system, old boss drop system, new weapons, world map, achievements. They also opened the cash register.

This old boss spawn system deserves some attention as it is a summon feature for a field boss. This is a field challenge as you can summon the boss for a limited time until the summon is canceled or you defeat the boss. If you participate and defeat this boss, everyone who participated will receive rewards in the mail.

New changes have also been made to the quest and storylines, with the Chapter 2 storyline completely overhauled and all quests replaced. The UI has been worked on, improving the balance of quest rewards and Madness, which is Mad World’s version of the PK field. They added a prevention factor to make sure you are less likely to commit unintentional PK.

To participate in the next alpha test, register and find out more about the mad world MMO site.