Lost Ark Video presents the endgame of the MMO

There are just over two weeks left before the long-awaited arrival of the MMO-ARPG lost ark. Originally released in South Korea in 2018, lost ark is a title that some have been looking forward to playing for years. Now that it’s coming, western publisher Amazon Games not only needs to build hype for those unfamiliar lost arkbut also to help distinguish lost arkof the Western version of the South Korean version of the game. A new video dedicated to lost arkEndgame should help on both fronts.


Already available for three years, lost ark has already received several updates expanding the MMO’s endgame. Amazon’s new video helps pinpoint where western audiences can expect to start, which isn’t surprising given the game’s initial launch state. Players can trust lost ark has years of content already programmed ahead of them.

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The four key areas of endgame gear progression at launch are Chaos Dungeons, Abyssal Dungeons, Guardian Raids, and The Tower. Chaos Dungeons are daily timed activities that can be completed solo or in a group, rewarding additional gear items and upgrade materials. Abyssal dungeons are more difficult and therefore offer better rewards, but each dungeon can only be completed once per week. Guardian Raids are challenging single-boss encounters that are also done daily, rewarding attachments, and upgrade items. Finally, The Tower is a single-player experience with progressively harder levels and better rewards, including very valuable skill point potions to max out skill trees.

However, that’s not the full extent of the newly localized MMO’s endgame content. There are also world events, which include Chaos Gates, Field Bosses, Adventure Islands, Ghost Ships, other potential activities. These World Events offer a diverse range of rewards and can be useful if a player needs something in a punch, but aren’t necessarily part of the main endgame grind.

There are also late-game systems that aren’t just focused on gear progression. For example, sailing allows players to explore lost ark‘s huge world, continuing to search at the player’s leisure. There’s also the Stronghold player housing feature, which is heavily customizable and serves as the foundation for creating systems and metagames.

Suffice it to say, lost ark will be plenty of endgame work, challenging content, and progression systems for players to invest their time in while having fun with the game. And players can be sure that additional content, not the least of which will be new dungeons and unlockable rewards, will come in the future. Expect to know more about lost arkin the West in the coming weeks.

lost ark releases on PC on February 11.

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