Life Beyond – A ‘Socio-Tech Metavese Play and Earn MMO’ just released an in-game alpha trailer

ByJose A. York

Apr 23, 2022

What exactly is a socio-tech metaverse? life beyond means to answer that question, despite the obvious insistence that it was the game’s developer, Darewise, who presented us with the reason for asking. Originally developed with a working title like Project C, life beyond is a game built on Web3 and Blockchain, but at the developers’ insistence, it’s much more than that, blending what they profess to be “the feel of a game” and “the stakes of reality”.

Sometimes it feels like the number of Blockchain games in the market is growing almost every week. While many are debatable and can easily be dismissed, life beyond stands out for several reasons. For starters, the game has been in development since 2019 and was recently taken over by the Animoca Brands family – a publisher known for its massive investments in blockchain games and metaverses, such as The Sandbox and the now closed F1 Delta. weather. Another major indication that the Darewise team has a solid project on their hands is their partnership with Polygon Studios. Polygon Studios is the gaming and NFT division of the Polygon (formerly Matic) blockchain network, which has been a popular choice for blockchain game developers due to the high transaction rate per second, low gas fees, high security and connection with Ethereum.

Darewise clearly states that Tokenomics is at the heart of life beyond, but the game has several features meant to appeal to the mainstream MMORPG, such as free play, customizable player housing, story arcs, progression, crafting, a political system, and a class system that has currently 4 classes in closed alpha. All of these features will take place on the planet Dolos, where players will have to fight, build, and cooperate to survive. The Darewise team has also stated that they are trying to move away from open-world PvP and griefing, with co-op PvE expeditions as a major focus. As with many Blockchain games, players should expect ownership to play an important role in the underlying philosophy of the game, with an emphasis on buying or earning NFTs.

According to the “Lightpaper”, the tokens provided in life beyond will be a variety of fungible and non-fungible tokens. Some of these will be used for transactions, services, and crafting, while governance tokens will also be issued, meaning those who hold governance tokens will likely have some specific types of governance rights, though. that these have not been detailed for the moment. , in addition to allowing players “to wield massive influence and control in the future”. The native token in the game is an ERC-20 (Ethereum Standard) token called the LB token, which will be used for general transactions with NPC merchants as well as player-to-player transactions. It will also be used in the NFT Market, making it the first currency most players will trade for items such as weapons, gear, and blueprints. The supply of LBTokens will be limited to a fixed supply of just over one billion LBTokens.

Currently, the team states that it is in a Closed Alpha state, with a current roadmap outlining a transition to Open Alpha in June 2022. On the development front, the team states things like player characters Customizables, weapon upgrades, groupings, new AIs, and allowing players to access and customize their apartments are on the agenda for Q2 this year. On the NFT side, they described a series of drops, including an apartment access key and special NFT drops underway over the next 3 months. In June, the team aims to release an initial land offering, possibly intended to entice early adopters (or investors) to purchase while the game is still in development.

Landowners will also receive payouts from LBToken on the land they own. The payout amount is determined by how they develop their land and the number of players that commit to their settlement. As LBTokens are the primary currency in life beyond this could potentially be an unfair advantage for players who cannot purchase land on their own, due to the scarcity or asking price of land, putting players in a position where they may have to rent land from landowners the richest if they intend to build a settlement on their own.

It is still very early in the development of life beyond but with an open alpha on the way, it looks like any players interested in giving the game a shot will have a chance to jump in and see what it looks like for themselves come June. There’s definitely a lot more to unpack when it comes to life beyond, but until more information surfaces, let us know your thoughts in the comments.