Is there a closed MMO that you would like to bring back as a remake?

ByJose A. York

Feb 7, 2022

We see emulated servers bringing back old MMOs as they were when they were active all the time. Yet these time capsules that bring old games to life don’t necessarily attract new players to find out what made them so great. Is there an old closed MMORPG that you would like to see revived, but not as a revived version of the old one, but a remade version again?

For me, I’ve said it before, I regret never having played Star Wars Galaxies when it was live. Back then, I was just into different games, and when a major MMO got hold of me, it was The Lord of the Rings online that he has done. Corn Star Wars Galaxies has always had a special fascination for me. It’s an MMORPG that always seems to bring older fans out of the carpentry to talk about its quality at the height of its powers, and it’s an MMO that many compare new games to with a hint of nostalgia.

It is also the subject of multiple emulation servers attempting to bring back Galaxies in one form or another, allowing players to relive the old days and new players to experience the old MMO.

But I know myself. As much as I want to hope SWG Legends or the Restoration III server, visuals and archaic UI probably wouldn’t hold my attention for very long. I admit, I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to game visuals these days. While graphics aren’t the “end of everything, be everything” to me, which means a game doesn’t have to look photorealistic to hold my attention, it has to look modern.

That’s where I’d like to see it redone against simply revived. Although I like the look of the current star wars MMOs on the market, Star Wars The Old Republic, this too is getting old. I would like to see a studio shot GTS and take what was so great with the MMO, but with modern visuals and conveniences to make it stand out in 2022. Maybe some Unreal Engine 5 Stormtrooper action?

And you? Is there a closed MMORPG that you would like to see remade? Let us know what – and how you’d like to see it – in the comments below.