Is Microsoft Publishing Mainframe’s Next Cloud-Native MMO?

ByJose A. York

Oct 19, 2021

According to a report, Finnish studio Mainframe, which secured $8.3 million in funding for a cloud-native MMO, may work with Microsoft as a publisher. The report comes from GamesRadar and mentions the recent episode of the Xbox Two podcast, in which journalist Jez Corden mentions that “Microsoft is working with a studio in Finland…called Mainframe to create a cloud-native game.” Mainframe has been working on a cloud-native MMORPG for some time, with few details yet known about its project or any potential release plans or releases.

If true, this is the first time a publisher has been mentioned in association with Mainframe, which has been a very low-key company since it began work. The early silence of any MMO developer is unsurprising, although technology and funding have been in the news.

This mystery is perhaps a little less present, since Microsoft has already shown interest in cloud-based games and has a platform called xCloud. Mainframe, on its website, state its purpose as “Blending the best of AAAs, MMOs and mobile games into a social sandbox, playable on any screen.” xCloud’s goal as a platform is to allow Xbox Game Pass subscribers to access games from a variety of their devices, so it would fit well if Mainframe’s work had found its publisher.

Cloud games and cross-platform games have grown in recent years. At one time, cross-platform seemed almost impossible, but today it’s a common intention from the start, and now the cloud is part of so many people’s daily lives. Some developers create MMOs and other online games that do not require client downloads and will allow you to play on different devices, such as Crazy world. Rare from Microsoft has sea ​​of ​​thieves works successfully. If this speculation is true, we can’t wait to see what will come out of a partnership with Microsoft.