Indie MMO Spotlight: Matchmaking, Fun Facts, and Killer Chats

ByJose A. York

Aug 22, 2021

It’s the biggest week yet for Indie MMO Spotlight, with newsworthy ratings for fourteen games, several of which find their way here for the first time. At the request of one of our readers, I’m replacing my rather humorous column titles with the name of each game. I know they were the best part of the column (don’t waste your time disagreeing, I don’t won’t believe you anyway) but the new format should make it easier to find the games you’re interested in. Hey, that was like my own version of the patch notes. Alright, uh, got it, let’s get to the news.


We’re only a week away from the planned Early Access release of Travelogue. This is the time when developers Might and Delight have announced previous delays, but this time they flooded us with videos discussing different aspects of the upcoming TMORPG. Tuesday brought us a blog about finding and grouping with your friends. The first of two videos defines exactly what a TMORPG is, while the video below covers exploring and traveling the Braided Shore.

Broken ranks

I checked Broken ranks every week, but things have been fairly quiet since the open beta test in early July. Fortunately, our very own Steven Weber landed an interview with developer Whitemoon Games, where they covered a wide range of topics, including inspiration for BR, turn-based combat, and final game content. If you missed it earlier this week, you can check it out here.


Developer Proxima Beta has reached the Chimeraland Twitter hard page over the past two weeks. This week alone they had several tweets sharing facts about the closed beta which ended on August 4th. They also posted a few quick blogs highlighting the changes in the cooking and farming updates. Unfortunately, there’s still no update on when exactly the second closed beta will begin (mid-September is all we know) or if regions beyond Canada and the Philippines will be included.

The City of the Titans

Since arriving in Titan City a few weeks ago, Missing Worlds Media has collected player feedback, most of which has been positive. The blog mentions some of the player suggestions – improved flight controls, detaching the flight controls from the camera, and additional speed options (hover and super fast are the only two speeds currently) were at the top of the list. MWM is thinking about how to implement these suggestions and promises that the flight we have today is not the final version.

The cycle

With the last round of testing completed, The cycle the developers held a roundtable with Closed Alpha testers. You can read some of the roundtable questions and answers in their latest dev diary.

The day before

Another week, another announcement from Fntastic regarding the upcoming Mega Event for their upcoming MMO Survival game, The day before. At least this time it was a video and not a multi-day anti-climate Twitter reveal. Hopefully the event, and The day before itself, are more action-packed than those ads.

Ember Sword

If you thought that the only thing that happens in Ember Sword was a land sale, think again. The first Thanabus Cup, an Ember Sword Discord competition consisting of 10 out-of-game challenges has just ended, with the nation of Solarwood in first place. You can find out more about the event here.


the Genfanade Streamer Showcase that we mentioned earlier took place on Friday, reaching 428 concurrent viewers at its peak. If you missed it, you can always head to the Genfanade Twitch the page and watch videos from Friday night’s event.

Gloria Victis

As always, we have a weekly update from the GV Development Team, but there’s more to share from the Gloria Victis world this week. All gamers who want to show off their video editing abilities should head over to the GV Discord and enter a new contest announced this week. All you need to do is grab one of the new music tracks for the Midland, Ismir, or Sangmar nation, then edit an epic video of your in-game footage on any track of your choice. Hurry, though, videos must be submitted by the end of the month.

Megania online

Megania online began its pre-alpha phase on the 20th. With four classes, open PvP, and a shop with no payment to earn items, you can experience the 2d MMORPG and help test it for free by downloading the pre-alpha version from Steam.


With the OrbusVR Highsteppe Update Coming Tuesday, August 31, there’s a new blog post showcasing the changes coming to the town of Highsteppe. Not everything in the update is about the city itself, so we can expect more patch notes by Tuesday.

Project X

A new Developer Spotlight appeared this week on the r/MMORPG subreddit for Dazzle Rocks’ social sandbox MMO, Project X. Project X is described by the developer as “an enduring Animal Crossing island experience, hosted on your best friend’s Minecraft server, with all the DNA of hanging out in an interesting Habbo hotel lobby.” Project X is in development for iOS and Android, and anyone interested can sign up for the private beta via the link provided in the post.

Realm of Mad Gods Exalt

It was an interesting week for the Kingdom of the Mad God. There was a killer cat issue that lasted most of the week, but it seems the insta-kill feline was eventually isolated and neutered. Anyone who died due to the bug can contact customer support to revive your character. On a more positive note, open testing took place over the weekend for the upcoming Dungeon Mod update (released Tuesday) and The Shatters (arrived Thursday). You can check it all out on the RotMG blog.

The Chronicles of Wagadu

the Wadou the team always shows artwork and other game-related information on the Twitter. This week they shared concept art of a desert scene as well as a collection of spirits you’ll encounter in the MMORPG Afrofantasy.

loose ends

  • The Ember Sword Podcast had a Q&A on August 13 that covered pets, server infrastructure, and more.
  • If you’re in the Ship of Heroes Summer Mission Beta and are having trouble locating NPC quest givers, you should watch this video from Heroic Games to get your bearings.