Indie MMO Spotlight: Halloween, Halloween and More

ByJose A. York

Oct 24, 2021

Fall is in the air, which means Halloween is right around the corner. There are in-game Halloween events popping up all over online games, and indie MMO developers are following suit. This week has been a little calmer than the last, but we still have over a dozen entries in the works, including a new MMO we haven’t covered before. So enough talk, let’s start with this week’s Indie MMO Spotlight.

Adventure Land – The Code

Did you get caught up in the Cookie Clicker craze a while ago? If so, you might want to check Adventure Land – The Code, which I found thanks to MMORPG Subreddit Developer Spotlight this week. This little 2D MMO lets you automate your characters so they keep adventuring even when you can’t.


It’s already been two weeks since TMORPG Travelogue has entered Early Access on Steam. Eary Access can have its fair share of bugs, and Might & Delight released a patch to fix several bugs, and the server issues are gone, at least for me. In one blog post this week it was announced that there are now over 19,000 active accounts, so this TMORPG is getting pretty massive, don’t you think?

The Cycle: Frontier

It’s been a rough week for Yager Development and the Prospectors trying to play The Cycle: Frontier. The first half of the week saw major server stability issues that caused several outages as well as a temporary halt in granting beta access to new players. As a result, the closed beta has been extended for an additional week until November 8.

dual universe

Novaquark released another Inside Novaquark podcast this week. The podcast was about the Demeter update which will bring a bunch of mining changes to dual universe. You can view it at FROM Youtube channel.


It’s that you love in-game holiday events, so I’ve got some bad news for you. Due to the late release of Update 46, Siege Camp did not have time to prepare for the Dead Harvest event this year. There’s always next year. Until then, you can relive Dead Harvest 2018 in the video below.


Hope everyone had a chance to check out Fractured during the Fall Alpha Free Play event. If you have, Dynamight Studios is looking for your feedback. You will find the link to the survey on the Fracture News.

Gloria Victis

This week’s update (Update #292) brings more UI updates and bug fixes for many recently introduced features. GV will also receive an update to the catacombs for the Halloween event. And to celebrate Halloween, a 5v5 PvP event will take place on the EU Eaglewood server on the 31st starting at 18:30 GMT.

Crazy world

With the third Alpha test starting on October 25, the Mad World site has seen several updates over the past two weeks. The most recent additions are two short clips highlighting melee and ranged combat. I was only able to show one here and chose melee because we all know those are the best classes, but you can see all the other new media on the Mad World site. And don’t forget to register while you’re at it.

Open Perpetuum Project

There’s a lot going on in the Ontario Provincial Police. After a lot of hard work, Gamma Redesign Phase 1 will go live today, October 24. This is just the beginning, however, and additional phases will go live in November. To celebrate, there will be an EP bonus event that will last until November 1st.


lay people The first user test has started and some members of the community have had a look at the character creation screen. If you are not one of these members, you can consult the Posting on Twitter to catch up on what’s going on.

prosperous universe

This week’s dev blog is #307 and you can read it here.

Kingdom of the Mad God

As usual, there have been several posts on the RotMG Blog. There’s one on one Halloween Cosplay Contest, Stakes Halloween Events, and a general article on transparency.

soul kingdom

Power Proc Studios has released an announcement regarding a delay in upcoming playtests. The first test is now scheduled for November 9. You can read the full message here.

Villagers and Heroes

The pyramids of the Oasis of Anuk’Amon are gone, but who needs them when you have The Haunted Moors? This year the Villagers and Heroes Halloween event introduces a new villain, Pumpkin Head, to the festivities. So good luck keeping a cool head and getting all the new treats.

loose ends

Project X – I missed the Private Beta Test version for Android users on October 12. You can always register to access it on the Project X website.