Indie MMO Spotlight: Alphas Arrive, Freebies Run Wild, and Titans Resurrect

ByJose A. York

Sep 26, 2021

This week’s Indie MMO Spotlight is jam-packed with Alpha and Beta testing that started this week. At the same time, there are several announcements of new release dates, regular patch updates, and everything you’d expect in our weekly preview of the indie MMO scene.


Here we go again. Might and Delight have announced a new release date for Travelogue. Be sure to mark (please don’t use a pen) October 11 on your calendar as the new Early Access release date, and go ahead and mark October 6 for the next delay announcement while you’re at it. .

All kidding aside, a new trailer has been released on YouTube, and Travelogue looks very beautiful. The hand drawn art is amazing; hope the gameplay matches.


The second closed beta test for chimeraland is now underway. Lasting until October 15, this test is even more restrictive than the first, the Philippines being the only region open. For those who cannot participate, you can follow chimeraland on Twitter to stay updated as the beta progresses.

The City of the Titans

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a game developer? If so, Missing Worlds Media has launched a series of interviews with the developers of CoT. So far they have interviewed Fred “AmiEvil” Prince and Tannim222. Both interviews give a good overview of the work they did on the project.


Update 46, aka Entrenched, went live mid-week, bringing with it new regions, new tanks, new weapons, and new city bases. These are just some of the additions added to foxhole with this update. You can view all the changes in the release notesor just watch this Update 46 preview video by YouTuber I Saw A Bear below.


Fall Alpha has been live for a few days now, and Dynamight Studios is working to squash bugs as fast as players submit them. They have already released two patches this week to address some of the major issues as well as adjust the cost of claiming and ranking cities. the third video in their Fall Alpha spotlight series was also released this week, showing off some of the new abilities, creatures, and points of interest being added to the game.


Genfanade is yet another MMO that started an alpha test on Friday. The server crashed under load shortly after it came online. Improvements have been made and Genfanade was re-uploaded later the same day. The test runs until the 27th, so there is still time to create an account and join in the fun.

Gloria Victis

As we mentioned last week, Gloria Victis had to delay its weekly update for a few days. The patch finally went live on Tuesday this week, kicking off another season of glory. In addition to all the other changes, Update 288 added the dismantling skill tree and other crafting improvements. You can read all about it in the Update 288 notes.


MMOs aren’t all about slaying evil beasts. There is also crafts and gathering. This week, Profane shared a status update on Twitter that highlighted the working set’s design. The gear set will give players bonus skill points (at the cost of combat bonuses), providing another layer of player progression for players to pursue.

Project X

the Project X Twitter posted a little reminder that they are still working hard to expand the project and have announced that they are about to send out more invites for their closed beta. If you haven’t already done so, you can register via the Project X website.

prosperous universe

Gloria Victis’ team isn’t the only one releasing a weekly update. Be sure to read what Michi, Nick and Martin have been up to this week in the COULD Dev Diary #303.

Kingdom of the Mad God

The mad god gives and the mad god takes away. As announced on the RotMG Discord, on Thursday, an admin accidentally created a gift from Krathan, giving players powerful and restricted items. Unfortunately, anyone who received one of the gifts will find that it has been taken away.


In a crazy twist, after halting development on TitanReach due to a lack of funding, Square Root Studios received the blessing of a mysterious benefactor. Without any conditions, the benefactor has undertaken to finance the TR project to completion. It will be interesting to see what the team can accomplish now that funding is no longer an issue.

World seed

More on the World seed Discord this week, developer Kortes updated the community on the team’s recent progress. A tentative release date of January 2022 has been set, with an Alpha test scheduled for late October. They are also planning to use Kickstarter to gain financial leeway as they work towards the release.

Wurm online

To address some community concerns about the lack of communication from the development team, Code Club AB decided to publish a Valrei International (dev diary) at least once a month. To demonstrate good faith, a new Valrei International was released a few hours later.

loose ends