Indie MMO Spotlight: All the Good Things

ByJose A. York

Mar 27, 2022

Every week, we scour the internet for all things indie MMOs so you don’t have to. This week, I worked really hard to find all the good news I could, but I won’t apologize if bad news came as well. Honestly, though, indie developers need all the attention they can get, and I hope you all find the IMS to be a portal to the indie MMOs you love (or might end up loving). Anyway, let’s stop wasting time and start with this week’s Indie MMO Spotlight.

ether story now has a new launcher for macOS. The new launcher adds additional features to the Mac version of the game, including Vsync, the D and E key shortcuts no longer open the Diction and Emoji menus, the download is now signed for easier installation, and the removal of the need for emulation leads to increased performance. The new launcher works on both Intel and Apple M1 chips. You can find the launcher on the ether story website (link above).

Clockwork Labs has released small thumbnails showcasing different aspects of BitCraft for weeks now. This week they began to explore the tradition of BitCraft with a new series – old newspapers.

chimeraland had a server maintenance on Thursday. the the update fixed several bugs and added new content which included the new Holy Crow Treasure Hunt event. The Holy Crow runs until April 20 and gives travelers a chance to collect several appearance items and chat emotes.

Servers 109 and 118 are also testing Face-to-face trade, giving players the ability to trade items without needing the Auction House. In what appears to be an attempt to limit illicit activity, you must be level 35 to give items to other players (any player can receive items), and legendary, ultimate, and epic items are still not tradable and must be sold in the AH. .

It’s been a few months since we last saw the cinderstone online roadmap, so I was pretty excited to see that there was a developer update on his Discord Channel this week. Unfortunately, it was just a touch message to let us know that the team is still working full time preparing a closed beta.

With a new patch (Closed Beta 2 Patch 2.1) this week, Yager announced that the test was extended until April 19.

Novaquark has announced that players will be able to get a first look at the upcoming Athena update when it goes live on the Public Test Server from Thursday, March 31 through April 4. They will be looking for comments on the new space warfare system among others. The PTS will also be the site of theEvent “A Fools Defense” on April 1, where players will face off against the development team as you attempt to destroy the Novaquark space station.

It’s almost time for Ember Sword first Pre-alpha technical test. From April 4-8, landowners and badge holders will be able to get started in Ember Sword for a limited preview of how things are progressing.

In addition to his regular weekly play sessions, the Farwoods The team is trying to organize a large-scale battle event for next week. Head to the Farwoods forums if you are interested in joining the fight.

in a new Feature Spotlightwe discover for the first time new continent of Aerhen. The new continent adds 40 square kilometers filled with mountains, steppes and tundra to explore. And don’t worry, the new landscape also brings new monsters, like Elementals and Jotunns.

For those of you who think fractured online will be more than just a game, now is your chance to be more than just a player. Dynamight Studios is currently looking for volunteer moderators and game masters. You can consult the job descriptions and requirements here.

As the team prepares for next week’s Guild Update, Weekly Update 312 has been relegated to quality of life improvements and bug fixes.

On Thursday, Team 21 Studios announced that Closed Alpha 2 will begin and run until April 8. All Kickstarter supporters and other keyholders will have access. And in case you don’t have access but still want to catch some gameplay, Twitch streamer ZstormGames was playing Ilysia over the weekend, and videos of his shows if you haven’t seen him perform live.

We don’t have an exact date yet, but the Crazy world Alpha 6.0 will take place in May. After finally getting a chance to play during Alpha 5.0, Crazy world has become one of my most anticipated indie MMO releases, so be sure to sign up for Alpha 6.0 so you can see what excites me so much.

Ahead of its April 5th update, Alternum Games posted a blog post to give players an overview of the next housing update.

You know the drill now. In Dev Diary #327Michi was fixing things, Martin is continuing his preparation on the Steam version, and Nick is spending time working with influencers.

the Ravendawn The team posted a video on YouTube to share the work they did on a common player request – character and monster attack animations.

Unlike most weeks, the RotMG blog was eerily quiet. Instead, we were treated to a trailer for the Elemental Equinox 2022 event!

Talk all things pew-pew as Beast Burst Entertainment covers the Tidy up in this week’s class discussion.

In the last ship of heroes newsletterthe team talks about The Plasma Cannon Defense, a challenge mission in development.

Get ready to rework your ship builds when the newest feature – thermal mechanics – hits the shelves. Starbase. You can see all the details in the video below.

If you missed this week’s Dev Livestream, you can watch a replay on the V&H Twitch channel. A few topics were a look at Raids Season 4: Netherworld and interior housing.

In their March UpdateTriune Studios deepens the Cloromancer class, including Mycomancer and Dendromancer specializations.

With the 2.1.304 update, wild land 2 has been updated to a newer version of the Unity engine. You can find the full patch notes on the WT2 steam page.

The Beyond Realities team caught up with Andy Tsen, CEO of Ramen VR, at GDC 2022. Download the VR articlethey talk about everything Zenithincluding a look at future content including dungeons and raids.

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