Indie MMO Spotlight: A Happy Year for Indie MMOs!

ByJose A. York

Jul 10, 2022

Every week, we scour the internet for all things indie MMOs so you don’t have to. This week we celebrate the first anniversary of the IMS. Thanks to all of you who signed up over the past year, and I hope you found at least one new indie MMO that piqued your interest. It’s also summer vacation time, so my search for independent news this week may not be as thorough as it normally is. I’ll be sure to double check for missed news in next week’s column. Well, my plane is about to board, so it’s time to end this column. Welcome to another year of Indie MMO Spotlight.


Nothing beats survival crafting like chopping down a tree and collecting logs to build your first humble abode. A post on Twitter is giving us a quick preview of what it will look like in BitCraft.

Broken ranks

If the outside temperature is not enough incentive to keep you indoors, Broken ranks gives you another reason to stay indoors with Dungeon Month. Every weekend in July, you can earn extra XP and PsychoXP from specific bosses. Oh, and they had a patch this week as well.


With the worldwide release of chimeraland set for Friday, July 15, the chimeraland Twitter account ran the tweets all week, starting with the announcement that pre-registration for the global launch had crossed the 5 million mark on Tuesday.

The Cycle: Frontier

Cycles weekly patch (1.3.5) landed on Tuesday. Along with some bug fixes and other tweaks to their internal anti-cheat measures, the patch focused on weapon and combat balancing updates. As far as cheating goes, it feels like Yager Development is actually trying to keep the game’s vile scum out of the way. The cycle. Whether or not that’s something they can pull off is another question, but they’ve released another developer update video on the subject.


The Arrow (patch v28) came out on Thursday. Players can now test their combat skills as they attempt to clear each Spire Floor by defeating 50 elite monsters, unlocking powerful modifiers and rewards as they move between floors.

Gloria Victis

A new season of glory began on Thursday. The Glory Season lasts two months, giving players plenty of time to earn Contribution Points and fight their way to the top spot on the leaderboards. Weekly Update 325 has gone live, bringing some combat changes to feints and blocks.

Legends of Aria

According to an announcement this week, Legends of Aria will use a token business model for the revival of LoA. Noting that “the traditional double-token play-to-win model requires a continued increase in player numbers and cash flow into the economy, but will falter once those numbers stop falling,” the move to a single token model makes $ARIA a deflationary currency. .

There will also be extensive server maintenance taking place from Monday July 11th through Friday July 15th as they complete the migration of the entire service to a new platform.

Monsters and Memories

It’s monthly time M&Ms devblog, Update 22: Stay Busy This Summer. The update is jam-packed with concept art, several videos, and a long list of technical and design work done by the team over the past month. Read more about it and check out their latest video in our recent article!


In one of their typical Twitter threads, INSANE gave an overview of the importance of ships in Profane. Semisus is a world full of islands that will be grouped together to form regions, and you’ll need a ship if you plan on island hopping and region hopping.

prosperous universe

In Dev Diary #342Michi talks about base construction, Fabian covers his work on ship upgrades, and Nick is still finishing up the current series of Name THIS planet.


Be sure to check out the latest Ravendawn devblog. These are recent changes to equipment. The development team has also released a open position for a junior Python developerso if you or someone you know is fluent in Python, you might want to check it out.

Kingdom of the Mad God

It’s almost time for the Month of the Mad God 2022! Get ready for class redesigns, new weapons, and a Battle Pass.

Honor scars

Dwarven lore was covered in the last week SoH community debate. This week, the conversation shifts to undead lore.


Most recent weekly dev blog post covers even more housing previews, a staking page redesign, meeko redesigns, and a bunch of concept art.

A canton tale

Alta Logs #9 is live. This round is Q&A session 2 where the team answers a pack of 6 questions from the community.

Dragnorox War

The WoD July Developer Update is here, and it shows some screenshots that are filled with a lot of detail.