How to celebrate Halloween in the MMO Dungeons and Dragons

ByJose A. York

Oct 21, 2021

Neverwinter fans have the chance to enjoy exciting limited-time activities during the MMO Dungeons & Dragons Halloween events this year.

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The Halloween season is here and just about every service game on the market has some kind of spooky festivity to keep players engaged during the last weeks of October. never winter is no exception and the Dungeons and Dragons inspired MMO is bringing back its annual Masquerade of Liars event as well as the limited-time Contest of Liars campaign to help heroes celebrate.

The Liars’ Masquerade kicked off this morning (October 21) and never winter players will have access to special content until November 4 at 7:30 a.m. PT. Throughout the party, players can expect to find costumes, treats, and perhaps the chance, for a limited time, to appear as something they’re not…


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During a recent interview with Randy Mosiondz, never winter Lead Designer, Game Rant had the opportunity to discuss Fall/Halloween festivities in the MMO and what the team is working on to keep the event fresh and exciting for players year after year…


“For the past few years, we’ve introduced this faction challenge where players can choose from different groups and go out and battle other people for your faction. As we’ve done for the past couple of years, we’re introducing a new faction to the game – and this one is more Scarecrow oriented. And, of course, if your faction wins, you get special prizes associated with it. And of course, Protector’s Enclave will once again be decorated with cool items. ‘Halloween. back from the past two years.’

Festival bonuses and features

“During the festival, players can complete daily quests and redeem Masquerade Tokens to earn spooky rewards, such as the new Mini Simon Vanity Pet, Enchanted Broom Mount, Splinters Companion, Fashion Masks and more.”


liars contest

This year also returns the limited-time campaign Contest of Liars in which three factions once again vie for attention, each with their own agenda and rewards. Set during the era of the Liars’ Masquerade, the Liars Contest is a treat race like no other as three teams – the new Madcap Mashers team and last year’s non-winning teams – compete to Collect the most treats to win the spookily fun trick or treat contest.

That should be all players need to know to dive into free play and start enjoying Halloween activities today. Be sure to come back in the near future for more. never winter strategy guides, news and updates.

never winter is available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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