How important is crafting to you in an MMO?

ByJose A. York

Dec 14, 2021

When I made my first set of Adamant armor for me and my friend Brad when we played Runescape as high school kids, the sense of accomplishment I felt was something I’m not sure I’ve replicated in a game since. It was such a struggle that someone with very little time to play (had to share a PC with my brother at the time) to grind enough to be able to craft this armor, and ultimately doing so was an achievement that I got me hooked on crafting when I first started out in MMOs.

I spent summers crafting law runes and running resource runs to craft armor to give new players when I found them. When The Lord of the Rings online came out and I moved my MMO playtime to Middle-earth, I was also entrenched in crafting there, becoming a GM Woodworker before Mines of Moria freed (a feat for someone who started hating resources at that time).

Fast forward to now, though, and crafting is one of the least interacted with mechanics in a game for me. I tried it in DAY BEFORE, before and after industry changes and I didn’t enjoy it very much. The Lord of the Rings online crafting has gotten pretty boring as it has remained almost completely the same since it launched in 2007. Even games like New world I couldn’t keep my interest except for the occasional cooking, and crafting was essential for the few quest times in the MMO.

I wonder what has changed. Was it my recognition that time spent in the game would be better spent, at least for me, completing the story and the quest rather than creating a new item? Part of that might have to do with friends and guild members always maxing out crafting quickly, making it easier to get to them for high-level stuff. Economically, I’ve never been a real decent trader, so making money on the auction house through crafted goods has never been a priority.

I don’t know, I guess I haven’t found anything that really hooked me since those early days. I feel much more accomplished now finishing a story I overlooked or clearing a to-do list. Or finally beat that raid I’m stuck on. Crafting hasn’t hooked me since those early days.

This makes me wonder how important crafting is to your average MMO player. Is this a feature you really care about in an MMO, or is it just another mechanic you’ll interact with if you have the time? Or are you like me and ignore it unless the MMO tells you to (enter New world)? Let us know in the comments.

Featured image via FibroJedi