Harry Potter MMO was in development at EA but was canceled

A former marketing director for EA reveals that the company had gone quite far in creating a Harry Potter MMO before finally canceling it.

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Few franchises have reached the heights of popularity that Harry Potter has over the past few decades While the original books and their film adaptations have been the biggest draws, JK Rowling’s Wizarding World has seen plenty of video game portrayals over the years. But not as much as it could have, as it turns out Harry Potter almost got a full MMO that ultimately never saw the light of day.

This reveal comes courtesy of Kim Salzer, a former director of product marketing at EA. Speaking to Original Gamer Life, she touched on the topic of canceled projects she’s been involved in in her career and mentioned a Harry Potter MMO that was in the works at EA.


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Salzer continued, revealing that the project was actually quite advanced in development, to the point that there was a beta for it. She also said the MMO was going to be a “combined offline/online experience” that would see players receive real-world rewards through the mail for their in-game achievements. dropped, and although Salzer did not explain in detail why, she said EA was going through a period of transition at the time and that management was unconvinced that Harry PotterThe popularity of would last for a long time.

As one might guess from this lack of confidence in the franchise’s staying power, the MMO was in the works early in its lifespan. Salzer worked at EA from 2000 to 2003, according to his LinkedIn profile, around the time the first two Harry Potter movies are out. This also means that the game was in development around the same time as World of Warcraft and, how popular Harry Potter was getting, could have turned out to be one of its biggest competitors in the MMO space, had it been released.

Although Salzer did not explain in detail how this would happen Harry Potter MMO would have played, the sheer nature of the project suggests it would have been quite ambitious. Fans may not be able to play this game, but they will be able to play Avalanche Software’s next game Hogwarts Legacy in 2022. While not much is officially known about it yet, the prospect of an open-world action-RPG that lets players play as their own personalized Hogwarts student should certainly meet any demand for a large-scale game set in the wizarding world.

Whether people will be fully on board remains to be seen. the Harry Potter franchise is in quite a different place than it was in its heyday. Between the growing backlash of JK Rowling’s transphobic views and the lackluster reception of recent entries like the fantastic beasts movies, a lot of fans have gotten a little tired of Rowling’s wizarding world and think maybe it’s time to put Harry Potter go to bed before his reputation takes a hit.

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