Get the best MMO mouse* for £55 after 45% off

ByJose A. York

May 5, 2022

The Razer Naga Trinity is a pretty brilliant mouse for MMO gamers, or anyone who likes or needs lots of buttons under their thumb. The main feature of the Naga Trinity is that it comes with three interchangeable side panels, each with a different button layout – so you can have a regular two button side layout for FPS titles, a seven button layout for gaming more complex (MOBA?) and a 12 button calculator style layout for when things get really exciting (MMO). Or you can just figure out which one is your favorite and keep it forever.

The UK RRP for the Naga Trinity is £110, but it normally costs around £70 or £80. Today it’s £55 – a great discount!

Former Materials Manager (and current Big Boss) Katharine reviewed the Naga Trinity in 2018, and she found it to be quite a pleasant prospect – in fact, the review’s subtitle was ” the holy trinity of gaming mice”. She felt it was excellent value for money, considering the flexibility, comfortable shape, relatively light weight, powerful software and overall performance of the Naga – and I have to mention that this glowing review was based on a mouse that sold for £100, almost double today’s sale price.

Luckily, it’s not just Katharine who rates the Naga Trinity. It pops up again and again on message boards and best gaming mouse guides, with some people eventually preferring other mice, but basically everyone attests to its quality. That doesn’t happen very often – the world of mouse reviews is surprisingly cutthroat and divisive – and a testament to the quality Razer has engineered here.

So if you like macro buttons and/or MMO’s then this is the perfect gaming mouse deal. Take a look at some reviews, like the ones linked above, then search your heart – you know it’s true.

* Okay, okay, that’s not our current MMO mouse recommendation – the Razer Kone XP is. But still, it’s a pretty good mouse and “a high-end MMO gaming mouse” seems a bit clunky for a title, don’t you think?