GAD Capital: MMO Banking’s Wisdom

ByJose A. York

May 10, 2022

Buying a home in a game requires saving enough money. We live at a time when mortgage debt is paralyzing certain countries’ economiessurprisingly little player debt in games with houses. Online games provide a more specific financial structure immune to present-day issues. Is there anything we can learn about real-world financial and money management from gaming?( )

Theoretically, gamers might lend to one other in-game currency. A mortgage in an MMOG? I had one while playing Ultima Online: Renaissance. We attempted to sell a little property in Felucia and needed someone to hold it until we sought a buyer. If you’re inquisitive and want to laugh I’d say yes. Then I provided a 50% deposit of 50K up and told him when the balance would be ready. He agreed. If you couldn’t receive a construction permit from the housing broker and couldn’t locate an empty plot to place it on, it was probably the cheapest option available at the time.

Every MMOG has a way to save money. The character must have cash on him to buy anything in LotRO or Final Fantasy XI. On the other hand, guild banks allow numerous players to share gold. Consider it a shared savings account. Gold may be saved in the bank or on the character in games like Ultima Online and Runescape. To spend enormous sums, the character’s coin purse must be empty. It is not a checking account system. Or does money have no place in our fantasies since games are supposed to be fantastic?

Players must carefully weigh their purchases and choose between things of equal worth since MMOGs use a savings-only banking system. The player must plan and save for more expensive products. It is necessary to return to a bank to get cash for those games where gold is held in a player’s bank account. Grinding, looting, constructing, farming, or otherwise obtaining the money necessary takes time, and they wonder whether it’s worthwhile. Some gamers even use this time to acquire virtual stuff for many characters. How many of your 70s have excellent flying mounts?

Immediate satisfaction is required. Instead of saving up for your ideal automobile, you may have it financed through the seller or dealership. The mortgage covers the bulk of the cost of a property rather than paying cash. MMOGs lack this functionality. The developers are attempting to go back to a specific period.

Some might lend money to each other, but no games provide loans. They don’t offer them, and they don’t encourage players to get them. If you’re in need of cash check out GADCapital here! for more loan options.

In a game, we’ll save, but not in real life. The simple answer is self-selection. We chose to participate in the game and do our part. Crafting or questing is optional (though it helps if you want to experience content). Spending time and money in-game is our option. So we want to do it. The inability to purchase on credit further helps us ignore reality. Enter a world built on goods and services, not money.

You’re buying your first horse or small player home. It’s all yours. Saved gold credits, Gil, etc. Can games teach financial responsibility?