Free-to-play MMO Bless Unleashed hits PC on August 6

Bless Unleashed is a free-to-play MMORPG now making its way to PC, following its 2020 release on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Scheduled for an August 6 launch, the PC version of Bless Unleashed will continue with the console version’s fast-paced, action-oriented approach to combat and exploration, with a greater emphasis on player activity in the way which they engage in the various challenges of the game. GameSpot not only has some details on what’s in store for the PC edition launch, but we’ve also got an exclusive first look at a new cinematic trailer ahead of the PC release.

As a 2019 relaunch of the original Bless Online, Bless Unleashed has effectively rebooted, revamping much of the combat and progression systems while generally improving upon the technical shortcomings of its predecessor. These issues plagued Bless Online and prevented it from finding an audience, but the game’s relaunch last year has since fared much better than the original.

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Now Playing: Bless Unleashed – Exclusive Official Cutscene Launch Date Trailer

In this new trailer, we see much of the game’s scope and emphasis on combat, which focuses on different classes of adventurers battling undead monsters, dragons, and other enemies. giants. As with other online RPGs in a high fantasy setting, Bless Unleashed will have you team up with others to explore dangerous dungeons, collect loot, and level up your character as you adventure through the vast game world.


Bless Unleashed is a free game with no subscription fees, but like most other games of this type, it includes premium options that focus on cosmetics and other options that can be purchased with real money. Newcomers can either jump into the game for free or purchase a different set of Founder’s Program buy-in options for the PC version. These different options provide additional benefits for players to begin their new adventure, allowing for a slightly easier start. Here is a brief overview of the different options you should purchase.

  • Deluxe Edition – $20
    – Founder’s Pack title, emotes, 500 Lumena, 50,000 Star Seed and premium perks.
  • Exalted Edition – $40
    – All previous rewards, Star Seed booster 20%, Telepost discount ticket for 30 days, 5 bag expansion tickets and premium benefits.
  • Ultimate Edition – $80
    – All previous Deluxe and Exalted Edition rewards, new emotes, 300,000 Star Seed, Gold Boost Ticket, character and account storage expansions.

The release timing of a new MMO on PC is interesting. With World of Warcraft playerbases shifting to other games like New World or Final Fantasy XIV, Bless Unleashed could be another viable option for players looking for new possibilities or stale online gamers. Whether Bless Unleashed will follow other more established games remains to be seen. Still, it looks to be making its PC debut in style and with a suite of content for players to immerse themselves in.

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