Fight or fire streak: Warspear Online is a retro MMO that mostly leaves me wondering, why?

ByJose A. York

Sep 19, 2022

I love and love 8 bit gaming games, what I love the most is my bread and butter. My childhood, however, was my childhood, and I can’t afford it, which is why I really like having enough. Here in Fight or Kite, I’ve written about some of those games, from online games like Monster Sanctuary and Moonlighter, to MMOs like Leafling Online. In fact, I’m constantly looking for a good retro MMO.

Last time I went to Warspear Online, I can’t get into it. Things went wrong. It’s just a very difficult experience and not exactly what I expected. This game has notable features and technically works, which is, you know, something. Let’s talk about it.

This game cannot start without being finished.

Let’s start right away: launch the game and modify your character. The interface was really shocking, first of all. I was only allowed to do this at first, but I realized what happened here: it’s the PC port of the mobile game. Dialogs are all very large, and there should be a full view of the entire dialog. All the other people need to know a bit more about them.

There are no cartoons or fancy splash screens that will drag you into the game, its world, or any of its inhabitants. As soon as you choose a new character, it’s easy to choose a faction and pick one of the five different classes available. Sure, I realized I could click to get a little more description of each other, but it was still sudden.

Once I briefly read through the courses and made a selection, there were a few options for my character customization. I really like it in pictures. The options were very limited, but I can live with it assuming it’s decent.

The ping-and-click has never been my friend.

Then the game started, so I realized I would have been stuck with a simple point-and-click motion. This is probably the first thing that helped me gain experience. I know a lot of gamers enjoy it, but like I said, the NES was the first experience I had, and in other words, most games obviously weren’t point- to click. I tried to get involved in these games, or the best of the best.

Anyway, I didn’t want to write any of the games for that. I continued with a group of quest conversations. The first handful wasn’t special at all, it was just your typical recovery quest. This game is really awesome – but it’s still fun. I was focused enough on levels to be able to join arenas (this is not a PvP chronicle, I just wanted to understand the economy without looking into the economy, but at the same time I didn’t try.

After completing a few, I was able to move on to something a bit more interesting: combat. Or at least it should have been more interesting. Unfortunately, there are very few redeeming qualities here. I can define combat as a manual attack with a key press. Players have 5 weapons, and each consumes a small amount of MP and has some downtime. As you level up, you can assign one of these skills a skill point, giving it some power. It looks like skills unlock at higher levels and are buffed somewhat. I can’t imagine it getting much spicier, but I think it could.

As I saw all the battle in this game, I was in the perfect position to talk about intro-pvP, so I wanted to check out the modes that Warspear provides. We have four different maps: 2v2, 5v5 and threev3, fourv3. Unfortunately, again, I couldn’t participate in any of the arenas, but there was no doubt that I had the knowledge to do anything. I begged for an hour and not to use it. This is why everyone who fights is less competitive. PvP matches have way too many atypical backgrounds.

I can still explain what we should expect. Both 2v2 and 5v5 arenas seem simple to me to be a single mode of annihilation, so I’m not the very first to say that. The fivev5 arena explicitly notes that players normalize their levels and gear, which is truly amazing to see.

One of three v3. is the Temple of the Seals. It’s like the all-too-familiar Conquest, where players capture points until players reach the points threshold. Crucible is the ultimate mode for any player with a deathmatch style era.

As you can see from my image, each arena requires the use of tickets. Although most elements and buttons in the game have a sufficient amount of information available, this is not the case. Some research online also didn’t really tell me about this, so I don’t know how the mechanism works. I guess players get some of the newbies for free, but you’ll have to buy more somewhere.

The graphics and skill animations are surprisingly crisp.

Even though the game is not easy to play, it is actually very good retro graphics. Of course, it took me first. I went through the screenshots and videos in the store and enjoyed what I had planned for you.

When your character attacks or uses a skill, a smooth animation effect appears. I played as a commander, so I had a cool firebird ring and a gigantic astral bear that spawned. It’s smooth and fluid and that’s exactly what I wanted this game to look like. Exactly what is going on is disgusting about it.

Surprising amount of monetization.

Considering the number of these free-to-play games that I test, I really understand how they are monetized and if they are also more expensive, I am still very surprised at games that seem simple like this.

It’s free, but for me it’s more expensive. All the fan fans are here: time, experience boosters, cosmetics, jobs. They have the ability to sell it. There are even emojis for sale, which I admit I like the idea of.

So it’s Warspear Online in general a little disappointing. If you’re someone like me who can’t help but love playing retro-inspired MMOs, I’d definitely be disappointed if you tried this. However, I would probably tend to prefer Leafling Online or even better Arcane Waters. I had my eye on the latest demo update.

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