FFXIV MMO Sets New Steam Record With Over 90,000 Active Users


Picture: Square-Enix

Final Fantasy XIV could be almost a decade old (or more than a decade old if you count the original version released in 2010) but the MMORPG is more popular than ever. Following the early access release of its highly anticipated latest expansion, Endwalker, FF XIV set a new record for active players on Steam reaching 90,000 earlier today.

And it’s likely that over the next few days that record will be shattered as more and more players jump online.

Final Fantasy XIVThe new expansion isn’t even officially released yet, but for those who pre-ordered it, they were able to launch from yesterday via an early access release. Just over 24 hours later and now FFXIV set a new record for active players according to SteamDB.

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Screenshot: SteamDB / Kotaku

As I write this, FFXIV currently sits 91,699 players on Steam. The previous record for peak players was set in July and was just over 67,000. Even more impressive, as spotted by PCGamesNis the fact that since June of this year, the popular MMO has more than doubled its number of active playersbased on Steam. At the time, the maximum number of players hovered around 41,000.

Of course, the main reason for the huge influx of players is due to a new expansion released after years of playing.growing and expanding base.

Another helping factor FFXIV is probably the recent allegations of company-wide sexual abuse and harassment against Activision Blizzard. This has alienated many gamers and streamers from World of Warcraft in recent monthscan accelerate and already small player base for Blizzard’s once venerable MMO.

And while the 91,000 players are currently playing FFXIV is certainly a lot, it is very likely that once Endwalker is available for everyone, not just those who have pre-ordered the game, the game’s active plPlayer numbers will continue to soar, possibly pushing the MMO past the 100,000 player threshold on Steam for the first time since its release nearly a decade ago.