Elder Scrolls Online Legacy of the Bretons trailers pave the way for the MMO’s future

ByJose A. York

Jan 28, 2022

There has been some big news lately in the world of elder scrolls online. Heritage of the Bretonsthe next expansion set to release for the popular MMORPG, has received a lush new trailer setting up the events that will take place in the upcoming content.

This trailer (embedded below) brings back some familiar faces from previous cutscenes as they investigate the actions of robbers breaking into a nondescript palace. Breaking in, they arrive too late to save the inhabitants inside, as a mysterious armored figure has already claimed the position of the deceased as their own.

Alright, but what does this all mean? Well, taking a look at the official ESO website, this infamous character is described as the Ascendant Lord – the leader of a mysterious group of knights – who wants to disrupt the peace talks in the War of the Three Banners in progress. The assassination in the trailer appears to be part of this dastardly plan.

Not only that, but it looks like Elder Scrolls Online is getting its own collectible card game that players can delve into with the release of Legacy of the Bretons. Tales of Tribute seems to be ESO’s attempt to follow the path set by other titles like Final Fantasy 14 through the addition of a map-based distraction of all the exciting stuff. One thing is certain – if it’s even half as good as Triple Triad, it’ll sink a good time.

To wrap up the blog post, there are also myriad other additions coming with Legacy of the Bretons that only give small snippets of information. This includes a new trail called Dreadsail Reef, two new companions, volcanic vents that we will have to help the druids close, and a huge range of treasures that we can find.

The website also lets us know exactly where this new chapter in ESO history will take us. High Isle and Amenos are a unique corner of the Elder Scrolls universe, with castles, cliffs and jungles surrounding an important part of Breton civilization.

The Legacy of the Bretons must come out June 6 for PCand June 21 for Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Let us know below if you’re excited for the next big update for Elder Scrolls below!