Disney Was Cautious About Letting Ubisoft Make A Star Wars MMO, But An Avatar Meeting Convinced It

Disney wasn’t about to let just anyone create the new Star Wars MMO, but it was convinced after a meeting with Ubisoft about the next Avatar game.

Star Wars The Old Republic

Ubisoft is working on a Star Wars MMO, in case you haven’t heard. It was announced earlier this year with news that Disney was revoking EA’s exclusive license agreement to make Star Wars video games, and Ubisoft Massive had been tapped to take Star Wars into the future with an all-new game in open world.

But Disney didn’t immediately turn to Ubisoft when it came time to give someone else the Star Wars license. In a new interview with IGNDisney Games senior vice president Sean Shoptaw said the company was hesitant to license such a lucrative license to just anyone, and it took them a while to be convinced to go with Ubisoft Massive.


“We really wanted [the Star Wars game] coming at the right time with the right partner,” Shoptaw said. “The worst thing we can do is do it wrong and do it our way that doesn’t resonate with the fans or break that bar.”

Disney didn’t even initially think of Ubisoft for the next Star Wars game. Shoptaw recounts how he was initially meeting with Ubisoft Massive to talk about the upcoming Avatar game, but during that meeting he was won over by Massive’s passion for the franchise.

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“That first encounter we had with Massive around the Avatar game after acquiring Fox was really the starting point for the Star Wars game. There was such alignment and creative passion around the Star Wars IP of this team that it was just a natural evolution of the relationship, and really led to the Star Wars game that we announced not too long ago.”

Star Wars The Old Republic
through EA

We don’t know much about the as-yet-untitled Star Wars game, but rumors say it will be an open-world MMO game. Fans have long been asking for such an open-world Star Wars game (other than Star Wars: The Old Republic, apparently), and Massive’s next game might be just what fans want.

But that Star Wars game won’t come until after Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, which was just officially announced at Ubisoft Forward last Saturday. This game is slated for release in 2022 and may feature some of the same gameplay elements that will find their way into the upcoming Star Wars MMO.

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