Darewise reintroduces Life Beyond as a game to win MMO

ByJose A. York

Apr 22, 2022

A few years ago, we covered Darewise Entertainment’s announcement of a new sci-fi MMO named Project C and powered by Improbable’s SpatialOS technology. We even interviewed founder Benjamin Charbit during Reboot Develop Blue 2019.

The game eventually got its own title, Life Beyond, but its development seemed to be progressing at a rather slow pace. All of that is changing now, as Darewise was recently acquired by Animoca Brands, a Hong Kong-based company that focuses on investing in the blockchain gaming genre. This investment means that Darewise’s headcount has grown from 30 to 100 developers starting in the first quarter of 2022.

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Life beyond itself also changes. There’s no more mention of SpatialOS, for one thing, and now Darewise wants to define the Play to Earn MMO genre. It will be free to play with Founder’s Packs goodies and NFT transactions to acquire items, lands and customization options, although the developers claim to make these bonuses optional rather than the focus of the game.

This new world is yours to explore, conquer and shape! You will receive everything you need to build your own company. From a bartender to a nurse, from a mayor to a mercenary, from a caring and sustainable society to a mindset of Western conquest, join us and create your Life Beyond!

On Dolos, you will discover, fight and collaborate to try to eradicate planetary threats such as alien nano-robots. Removing the threat is just the beginning of the gameplay experience. You will need to organize yourself and establish your own societies with unique economic systems and governance, all of which will be shaped by you, the player.

Life Beyond has three main game pillars: Pioneer, Establishment, and Governance.

  • Innovative: You will be able to explore the mysteries of the Dolos landscape and engage in battles. Tame ancient nanotechnology corrupting Dolos, collect resources and ancient technology, clear ancient ruins in order to conquer regions.
  • Rules: Transform conquered regions into lands to be colonized and inhabited by other players. Build housing and provide leisure and economic activities to the population. Trade resources and goods, blueprints and technologies to support a new civilization of pioneers. Deal with thieves and criminals and organize city defenses against nano enemy attacks.
  • Governance: Define and enact the rules of your company. Choose to pursue personal wealth and control of your neighborhood, or develop a more democratic organization. Hold elections, organize the market, impose taxes, regulate the economy, set policies and deploy police forces to maintain order. Convince other cities to follow your model or fight them to impose your supremacy.

Life Beyond will be the first AAA game of its kind. Powered by Web3 and Blockchain technologies, you will be able to truly own your digital assets and control in-game economies. Life Beyond is a game that will be ruled by you, the players, with rich and immersive experiences, and connected by multiple worlds ( Open Metaverse).

There is no release date for Life Beyond yet. The game is currently in closed alpha (you can sign up for testing on the official site) and is aiming for a PC release first, though consoles aren’t out of the question.