Colony Online MMO signs development agreement with Stainless Games

SAN DIEGO, October 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Liquid Fresh, a newly founded blockchain game publisher, continued its recent successful sale of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for Colony Online by signing a major development agreement with the UK-based game developer, Stainless Games. This partnership not only includes the creation of the base game, but also covers an in-game Crypto/NFT economy and the co-creation of the cosmetic game items that players will purchase to trick their avatars. The two companies have worked hard together to chart the course for this new frontier in blockchain gaming.

“Stainless Games is the perfect partner for a project like this,” said Bessel Hunter, Founder of Liquid Fresh. “We appreciate their interest in Colony Online and are excited to move forward with such an experienced game development team.”

Colony Online is a social MMO (massively multiplayer online game) where all playable characters and cosmetic items in the game are NFTs. The entertainment takes place in an alternate reality Lunar colony, where a society of randomly generated space animals named Settlers have colonized the moon and turned it into their own social playground for posh materialism, party lifestyle, and moon mining. Owners of NFT Colonists from the company’s previous release will be able to exchange their NFTs for exclusive in-game playable characters and enjoy enhanced status as owners of the first 25,000 colonists ever created. This world will have its own cryptocurrency, fueling an economy of in-game item ownership and blockchain exchange.

Liquid Fresh brings to the table a built-in starting userbase of over 5,600 unique settler owners ready to play the game upon release. The size of their community and the overall appeal of the game are expected to increase as the partnership between the two companies progresses over the coming year.

“We really couldn’t have picked a better game developer to work with,” Bessell added. “Their vision for blockchain gaming really aligns with what we’re looking to accomplish with Colony Online.”

Stainless Games was already familiar with the blockchain space and was ready to create a project of this nature. The company’s reputation for both innovative intellectual property and strong development skills made this connection a natural fit. The studio is ready to equip its A-team to tackle the project at record speed.

“Working on Colony Online gives us a chance to create a one-of-a-kind experience,” said Patrick Buckland, CEO and co-founder of Stainless Games. “This new hybrid of social connectivity with game-based blockchain technology is definitely central to the future of online gaming.”

About Liquid Fresh

Liquid Fresh was created in 2021 by founders who felt a void in the market for online games that offer true game ownership and earning potential to gamers who play it. The company has a strong focus on blockchain, p2e gaming, social experiences, and building strong intellectual property that transcends the current Crypto/NFT community. Their first Colony Online game is set to hit the streets in early fall 2022, with regular updates and surprises for owners of their NFT Colonists until release.

On Stainless steel games

Stainless Games was established in 1994 and is a well-established UK developer. They have a diverse suite of titles in their portfolio, with many games based on famous brands and IPs across multiple genres. The studio is responsible for more than 65 titles and 300 references on mobile, console, PC Steam and VR, generating several million sales and downloads. The Stainless team is experienced in all aspects of bringing large projects to market. Entering the blockchain space is the next logical step in the company’s continued evolution.

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