Bethesda Leaks: Mando MMO, Fallout and TES Remaster

ByJose A. York

Apr 27, 2022
There’s nothing better than a new game from Bethesda, unless… it’s a Mando game from Bethesda.
So… we’re all going to be Mandos, then? ©Disney

This one comes our way courtesy of Skullzi, and it’s the same leak that has already much revealed about The Elder Scrolls 6

Skullzi is a known leaker, but you should still take it with a healthy dose of salt. In fact, Skullzi himself claims that this is not the usual inside source he trusts – i.e. himself – but rather that it is from an anonymous source. , in whom… he also trusts.

Mando MMO in development

The greatest news by far is that there is, supposedly, a Mando MMO in development at Bethesda. Unfortunately, that’s about the leak, so from now on… be my guest to speculate. Will it be PvPvE? We don’t know, but the reason I’m asking is that such a game is supposed to be in development at Bethesda as well…

Fallout & TES Remasters, Quake Reboot

The other big news is easily the Fallout and The Elder Scrolls remasters, plus the Quake Reboot. To be fair, the Quake reboot has been rumored for a long time, so it’s not much of a surprise, but the remasters are certainly interesting… depending on which TES and Fallout they decide to remaster.

The rest of the leaks are as follows:

  • A PvPvE game is in development at Roundhouse
  • Xbox is moving its resources to help Bethesda with all these projects
  • A 4x strategy game in the TES universe could be in the works