Banner Saga developer Stoic is working on a new MMO action game

According to a job posting, Stoic, the developer of the Banner Saga trilogy, is looking for a designer familiar with MMO action boss design.

Stoic MMO action game

Stoic’s name might not immediately ring a bell, but its most popular franchise certainly will: Stoic is the developer behind The Banner Saga trilogy. The series is famous for its beautiful and unique art style, high decision making, and overwhelming difficulty.

The three games of The Banner Saga The trilogy proves that Stoic knows his stuff when it comes to RPGs that stand out from the crowd, painting a world of desperation and purpose. Yet, so far, that’s about all Stoic is known for. However, it seems that this will no longer be the case in the future, perhaps in the near future.


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According to a recent job posting, Stoic is looking for a new level designer with a certain skill set. Specifically, the company is looking for someone who has experience designing MMO boss battles or levels for multiplayer action games. This could very well inspire them to create an action MMO game, and the job posting calling for someone familiar with games-as-a-service models seems to reinforce that. While this isn’t a full-on MMO, it could well be a multiplayer-centric live-service action game.

The Banner Saga

In all likelihood, the title in question will be an action-RPG, blending Stoic’s previous strength with new direction. Oddly enough, there’s a good chance this title already has a name, or at least a codename. This designer might just be needed for the somewhat mysterious Belfry Project, which Stoic was already working on. An Xbox exclusive leak Belfry project revealed a few things, especially that it will be a side-scrolling action-RPG similar to dragon crown. This could be exactly what a level designer with these specialties would require.

If that’s indeed the case, the game might not be an MMO at all, but the design skills of an MMO boss would still come in handy. After all, these bosses are designed to be beaten by many players working together. Such battles lead to awesome moments, like 12 Destiny 2 Thundercrashing players at once.

Only time will tell what ultimately emerges from Stoic, and whether or not it sticks around as a live service.

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