Amazon’s MMO New World is all about crafting and decorating your home

ByJose A. York

Jun 11, 2020

Yesterday I wrote about New World, Amazon’s upcoming MMO, and how character progression works in the soon-to-be-released title. Along with character progression, there was also a little coverage of trade skills and how New World allows for more freedom than is typically allowed in MMOs. You are not limited to choosing a few professions, you have the ability to master them all.

There are sixteen trade skills in the New World. I went through the list yesterday. As a reminder, here they are:

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Crafting Skills: Weaponsmithing, Armor, Engineering, Jewelrycrafting, Arcane, Cooking, and Furnishing

Refining Skills: Foundry, Woodworking, Leatherworking, Weaving, and Stonecutting

Gathering Skills: Logging, Mining, Harvesting, Tracking, and Skinning

Of course, each of them gets into crafting in one way or another, with refining and gathering skills being used to get the components needed for crafting. Still, this new update from Amazon is all about crafting in the New World and how it works.

Starting with consumables, once you’re likely to find under cooking and arcana, the piece explains how efficiency is the name of the game. a 1:1 ratio, so your resources will translate into a potion, simple as that. Later, as you gain experience and levels, your efficiency in using these resources will improve.

The resulting bonus could be a nice windfall. It is explained that mass crafting, at higher levels, could result in up to a 30% bonus. If you craft 100 potions and get up to 30 more as a bonus, it’s definitely a nice reward for your hard work in improving your skills. Of course, if you sell them, it also exponentially increases your profit margins.

Efficiency when it comes to other forms of crafting doesn’t work exactly the same, resulting in different bonuses and perks as you progress through the ranks. Here’s when you look at weapons, specifically their gear score and the benefits it brings. As you level up in your weapon crafting, you will find that the available range in gear score is improved and the higher the score, the better the stats.

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An example of how it works and how useful was given by Amazon, saying:

More skilled weaponsmiths will be able to craft lower tier weapons that are actually more powerful than a higher tier weapon crafted by a less skilled weaponsmith. Once you start unlocking steel or higher tier weapons, you’ll start over at the same low range (300-310, 400-410, etc.). As your skills continue to grow, they will increase the same as the previous weapon level. Eventually, you will be able to craft lower tier weapons, which will compete with higher tier ones from less skilled gunsmiths. For example: a skilled armorer can craft an iron sword that is slightly more powerful than the basic steel sword, which can be a big help when it comes to equipping your lower level friends and allies .

Apart from weapons and their gear score, you will find that armor and accessories also have key aspects which are improved by increasing your abilities and also increasing the number of resources you use when crafting. These key aspects are perks and gem slots. Perks, as you can imagine from their name, are bonuses that can do anything from adding a specific type of damage to an item, to increasing damage or defense or a a number of other elements. Gem slots are self explanatory: slots in which you can place gems.

How this works not only depends on your level in the relevant crafting skill, but also on how you craft the item. For example, when crafting an Orichalcum Kite Shield, you can add more Orichalcum to increase the chance of a Gem Socket appearing on the resulting piece of gear. This seems to apply to all other gear, including those covered by crafting weapons.

If you want to increase the chances of gaining an advantage, rather than putting in more base material, you use a special material called Azoth. The more Azoth you use, the higher the chance of a boon appearing on gear. However, if you want a specific perk, it’s still possible to use a specific item as a crafting modifier. For example, you can use an item called Dragonglory Stem to guarantee adding a perk that allows your weapon to deal burn damage in addition to its regular attack damage.

As with any MMO, crafting items here in the New World will have the potential to be as powerful as any of the best drops found in the world. Amazon has this to say:

Highly skilled crafters can create items as powerful as the items found in Aeternum. Battles will not be won based on whether an item was crafted or dropped by a powerful creature, they will be won based on the skill of the players involved and the thought they put into their respective attribute and mastery builds .

But that’s not all. As the title of this piece suggests, another key aspect of crafting is decorating your own home. In developing New World, Amazon wants to make sure there isn’t a big barrier to entry when a gamer-owned home actually feels like a gamer-owned home. From purely cosmetic furniture to trophies that can impact your combat abilities, decorating your home is meant to be very personal.

At New World, we want your home to feel like home. It means being able to decorate and furnish your home. Furnishing works a little differently than other crafting skills. Maximizing the variety of furniture that can be crafted is important to us, but we don’t want there to be a huge barrier for players who just want to decorate their homes. As a result, decorations can be crafted from a low furnishing level. Additionally, furniture can also craft a selection of trophies and storage for homes. House trophies grant passive bonuses for things like combat and crafting, and are explained in detail in our housing article. Each house can have a number of storage chests. Adding a storage chest to your house increases the colony storage volume of that house. Recipes for trophies and storage unlock as you progress in your furnishing skill. We are excited to see all the ways you will decorate your home.

New World is set to release on August 25. Yesterday I said that the news coming from the game is quite slow, the next day more information is released. Probably a coincidence, but let’s hope that’s not the case and if you listen to Amazon Game Studios, we’re all interested in hearing more.