Adventure MMO Age Of Water Launches Closed Beta Testing This Summer

ByJose A. York

Jun 30, 2022

Age of Water, a post-apocalyptic adventure MMO set on an Earth completely covered in water, will begin its closed beta this summer. Potential players can apply on the official website, but the number of participants will be limited. Those accepted will receive an email with a link to download the game along with other necessary information.

Age of Water debuted in 2020 from publisher Gaijin Entertainment and developer Three Whales Studio, introducing a world where humans lived on man-made or natural objects above the ocean and fought pirates for survival. Players will command a motorboat or small ship, recruit teammates, upgrade equipment and weapons for trade or firefights, complete quests, and unlock the mysteries of the game.

There are dozens of hulls and ship parts to boost a ship’s level of customization, such as transforming a small boat into a massive ship that requires an equal sized crew. In addition, players will establish their naval base, serving as a hideout from enemies and a place to organize the production of items you will need at sea. If the fight against pirate AIs is not so engaging, players can sail away from safe zones to other PvP players to test their skills and gear. Alternatively, they can team up to complete quests, trade items, and fight pirates together on the high seas.

To register for the closed beta test, you can do so on the official Age of Water website.

Anthony Jones

Anthony Jones, news editor
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